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The Passage

Around about this time last year, I closed a book and was left feeling extremely disappointed. It’s not often that this happens, and the reason it happened this time will not be for the reason you may think. I had just finished reading The Passage by Justin Cronin.

Cover of "The Passage"

Cover of The Passage

It was actually a fantastic read. I had picked it up in the book shop a few times before I actually purchased it, but I’m glad I eventually did. A story about vampires taking over the world (due to our own scientific discoveries) and about the few humans left, battling to survive. The concept is not entirely new. It’s a little similar to the whole zombie thing in I Am Legend and more recently The Walking Dead. But nevertheless, I still enjoy reading these novels, no matter how many similar ones I have read.

Cronin has created some really great characters,in particular the FBI agent Wolgast, who turns out to be a little more complex than you may have at first imagined. But all the characters have depth and they almost feel like someone that you might have known at some stage in your life. Another point of note about the book, is how at certain major moments throughout the story, Cronin essentially starts afresh. He virtually wipes out the characters already in the story, and starts a whole new story with a new set of characters. But you can read safely in the          knowledge that it will all collide eventually.

Ok so I really liked it. But why was I left feeling so disappointed? Because it reminded me of Harry Potter all over again. You remember the feeling. You got to the end of one Potter book and had to wait FOREVER for the next one to come out, which you would then read in a couple of days, then have to wait FOREVER again until the next one and so it went on. I got to the end of The Passage and had that familiar ‘there was no closure’ feeling. I jumped online and googled the book, discovering that there was, in fact, a sequel on the way but I would have to wait until *gulp* 2012 for it to be released. It.really hasn’t been that long now that I think about it. I realized over the weekend that it was now 2012 and that my wait would soon be over. I now have to wait until October, which really does seem like forever.

So why am I writing this now? I’m writing it to hopefully encourage as many people as possible to go out, buy this book and read it til their eyes fall out. Your eyes might actually fall out when you see the size of the book, but don’t be daunted. It goes along at a rollicking pace and you’ll have it finished in no time. Once you have finished I can guarantee you will be craving the next one and probably also really looking forward to the movie that is due for release in 2013, which is a really long way away!

UPDATE: It’s now August 2nd, 2016 and there’s no movie yet.



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  3. I completely agree. I especially think that you need that bit of closure if there is going to be a long time between books. Not sure if you have read Dances With Dragons by George RR Martin, but at the end of that he even did a little overview of what the next book was going to be about. I appreciated that!


  4. I enjoyed the book & will be getting the 2nd book the day it comes out but I am still mildly upset with the ending. I enjoy book series but I feel you need to have a satisfying conclusion to each individual book & I felt Cronin failed with The Passage. Again I can’t wait to read the 2nd book but I hope it has a better ending then the 1st!


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