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Book Review – ‘The Alchemist’

The Alchemist (novel)

The Alchemist (novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho certainly deserves every single one of the good reviews it has ever received. I finally read this book after a couple of years of picking it up in the book store, then placing it back on the shelf in favour of another book. I regret that I didn’t read it sooner, if only because I have wasted a lot of time which could have been better spent reading it over and over again. But I feel that with my new attitude towards growing up and being an under-achiever, it has probably found its way into my home at just the right time.

For those of you people that haven’t read this beautiful little book (though I think I am the last person in the world to do so), it follows the journey of a young shepherd boy by the name of Santiago, as he leaves behind the life he has known in search for his own Personal Legend. Travelling from Spain to the deserts of Africa, Santiago learns how to listen to everything around him, but more important than that, he learns to listen to his heart.

It’s not every day that we come across a book which resonates with where we are in our lives at a certain point in time. For me, this book has sent out the message that I should just get out there and do what I want now, otherwise the moment will pass me by and I won’t end up where I am meant to be. I guess that everyone will take a different meaning from this novel – it’s just one of those books.

It is a beautifully written book and I can’t imagine that anyone would read it and not like it. The only complaint that I have is that it wasn’t long enough. I enjoyed it so much that I just wish there had been a few more pages to love.

RATING – 9 out of 10 (one point deducted because it wasn’t long enough).

WHO SHOULD READ IT – The question should be, who shouldn’t read it. The answer would be no-one!!

WHO YOU’LL LOVE – There is no possible way that I could overlook Santiago, the hero of the story.

FAVOURITE QUOTE – “People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel that they don’t deserve them, or that they’ll be unable to achieve them”. The heart of Santiago.



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    • I’m going to read it again soon – I feel like it’s one of those books that means something different every time you read it.


  2. Hmmm … I have this sitting in my drawer at work. Started it several years ago and did not finish it for some reason. Will blow the dust of my copy and give it another try!


    • You definitely should. At risk of sounding all philosophical and whatnot, maybe it wasn’t the right time for you to be reading it?


  3. I love this book. I read it back in 2000. Changed my life back then. Great book. I love the quote that talks about the universe conspiring with those who follow their dreams. Really great 🙂


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