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Why Yes, I Did Read “Fifty Shades Of Grey” In Public…

I’m going to start by admitting that I can see the allure that Fifty Shades Of Grey holds for the average woman (it has been noted that it is usually middle aged women that are reading this). I can say with great confidence that it is certainly much different to what most of us would experience in our every day life. The author, E.L. James has herself said her books offer a “holiday from their husbands”. If you have not yet heard of this book and the two books that follow it (Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed), you must have been living under a rock. It has recently been named the fastest selling paperback ever – even beating Harry Potter (not cool) and is currently taking the female population of the world by storm. It has been tagged as “mummy porn” and that is precisely what it is.

The story revolves Anastasia Steele, 21 years old and soon to graduate from college. As a favour to a friend, she interviews the exceedingly wealthy Christian Grey. CEO of his own company, devastatingly handsome and disturbingly enigmatic. From this meeting, Anastasia proceeds to spiral into the dark life of Christian Grey, one that is extremely different from her own and one that she never envisioned herself in. It is a world of money, power and enticingly exotic sex.

Did I like it? I wouldn’t be human if I said that there weren’t some parts that I found quite intriguing and I constantly found myself wondering what kind of research the author did for this book. But in terms of it being a literary masterpiece, let’s just say that it won’t be winning any prizes in that area. Let’s face it, if you take out the pages and pages and pages…and pages of sex, there’s not really much of a plot. I found the characters to be quite irritating most of the time and by the end, I was over the sex – if it was real life, I would have feigned a headache and said, “sorry, not tonight”. For the most part, I was a little bit disturbed by this book. I know that there are people out there who partake in some of the activities described in this book and while I don’t begrudge people their hobbies, it’s really not my thing and not something I would normally read about. Unfortunately my curiosity got the best of me with this one.

Overall, I thought the book was quite laughable – and I don’t mean the lifestyle choices of the characters. It seemed to me that James was trying to create a feeling of romance in between all the bondage and I really don’t think she was very successful. Christian was always wearing white linen shirts, which made me think of Mr Darcy, but a really disturbed Mr Darcy. I often wondered how Anastasia didn’t pass out from a lack of oxygen as she was always forgetting to breathe in heated moments. And show me one 21 year old who constantly (as in every second page) uses the phrase “oh my”. I’m not a professional writer, but I have read a crap load of books in my time and this probably is the worst written of all those that I have ever read. Like I said, without the sex, there’s not a lot else going for it. But I know for a fact that any women reading this right now that haven’t yet read Fifty Shades Of Grey, will completely disregard everything I have just read and will go ahead and read it anyway. It’s like seeing a car crash – you just can’t look away, which is why I will probably read the next two books.

RATING – 2 out of 10. One point is for the sex (even though there was WAY too much) and another point is for numbing my mind enough to trick me into reading the other two books in this trilogy.

WHO SHOULD READ IT – No one of the male persuasion.

WHO YOU’LL LOVE – I wouldn’t say I loved this particular character, but Kate seemed to be the only sane person in the entire book.


  1. I’m in no way tempted to read this, but I do enjoy listening to others talk about it and observing the coming of age of the mega best seller, is it a coincidence that this phenomenom of raging sales was first for a childs book (Harry Potter), then teenage fiction (Twilight) and now adult romance? What next I wonder?


    • Believe me, you’re not missing out on anything spectacular by not reading this. The main regret I have from this book (aside from actually reading it), is that I have contributed to the sales of this book.


  2. Well I agree.
    I read it back when it was still a fanfiction, and that’ss was it is today, a fanfiction in paperback.
    Fanfiction are the fans way to play with thier favorite characters, and in this case, since twilight didn’t do it, have them making sex.
    A lot.


    • Oh, that makes sense. But there was a bit too much sex for my liking. It would have been better if there was a bit more of a plot. But I suspect if there was more plot and less sex, it wouldn’t be as popular as it is!


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  4. Totally agree that Kate is often the only voice of reason, and yet everyone paints her as too emotional, pushy and over the top.


    • I completely agree with you. She seemed to be the only realistic character. The rest sort of seemed to be based around what we would want them to be like, if that makes sense. For instance, her mother was the perfect example of what a mother should be, her stepfather Ray, was the same. Christian’s family were the perfect example of the perfect family, I guess even the convenience of having a friend like Kate, who’s family was rich and could just afford to buy her an apartment wherever she wanted to move to. I understand that it’s “erotic fantasy”, but everything outside the eroticism just seemed a little bit to rosy and perfect for my liking. A healthy dose of reality would have helped I think.


  5. Honestly, I was going to read it just because it was so hyped all over. But reading your review, I am probably not going to touch it. This book selling faster than harry potter only shows what the world of books has come to.. J.K. Rowling you still are the best, no filthy writer can take it away from you ❤


    • I think that you will probably end up reading it one day. I was trying my hardest not to, until one of my friends asked me if I had read it. I don’t know why, but that just pushed me over the edge and I couldn’t not read it after that. You really should give it a go, just to satisfy the curiosity – it’ll get you in the end. And I figured I might as well read it now while there are still lots of other women reading it, that way I wouldn’t stand out so much!!


  6. This book really is awful. I read a few pages in the middle of it and just burst into laughter. Absolutely appalling. I can see its appeal, but am deeply alarmed that it is selling so well – the author really doesn’t deserve it. Oh well. Definitely not on my tbr list 😛


    • I really didn’t want to read it, but eventually curiosity took over and I had to see what all the fuss was about. I feel like my mind has been soiled.


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