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My New Favourite Thing

I don’t usually put in requests for gifts for my birthday. I don’t love receiving gifts – I get much more joy out of giving them. But this year I was greedy and when asked what I would like, all I asked for was money. I had something very specific in mind and I had been doing some research on it, literally for months. What I wanted, was a satchel bag. But not just any old satchel. I’m talking about one of those cool vintage style satchels that British school children used in the 1920’s. The design itself is actually a British Heritage design and is registered in the Victoria & Albert Museum. What I understand from this, is that you can only buy them in the UK – which would explain why I was completely unable to find anyone selling them here in Australia.

There are a couple of different companies in the UK that hand craft these lovely bags, but the one I eventually settled on was The Leather Satchel Co., mainly due to them having lots of great reviews and they can also customise the bag – you can basically ask for any design you want, and they’ll make it for you. The leathers they offer come in just about any colour you could possibly imagine.

Anyway, I got my birthday money, went to The Leather Satchel Co. website and settled on exactly what I wanted. Then it was as easy as sending an email to the lovely folks at The Leather Satchel Co. with all your specifications like size, colour and extras and that was just about it. The bag was made especially for me and less than two weeks after ordering, it ARRIVED TODAY!!!! Needless to say, I was pretty darn excited and absolutely had to share with as many people as possible. So here are some pictures.

It arrived in brown paper tied up with string (that’s why it’s my new favourite thing).

You can’t really tell from this photo, but I picked a beautiful chestnut leather satchel. It should go with just about everything.

I had some magnetic buttons added to the buckles, to make it easier to open and close the bag.

You can even have your initials embossed on your bag – how scholarly!



    • You should get one – I look at it as an investment. It’s such a classic style that I won’t need to buy another bag for a long time, therefore saving money 🙂 Although, there is a very high chance that I’ll buy another satchel, but in another colour. I love it so much!


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