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It’s so hard to read a book that you can’t get into, when you have a pile of awesomeness like this waiting for you.



    • It was Oscar & Lucinda by Peter Carey. I got there in the end, and I actually found it to be quit enjoyable by the time I was done – it was definitely worth the effort!


  1. I just got a copy of King’s new book The Wind Through the Keyhole and I am finding it hard to not skip everything else I have on my shelf to start it straight away 😛


    • That’s the Stephen King book that I have waiting for me. I absolutely LOVE The Dark Tower series of books so I am really glad that there is another book to add to it. I think I might read it after the next book I read – it’s been staring at me for weeks begging me to read it. It’s getting hard to resist!


  2. Wow, you have some great books to read there! I think if you are struggling with your current book, you should put it aside and read something else. Or maybe just skip ahead and see if it gets and better.


    • I wish I could just put it aside, but whenever I do that then go back to read it later, I’ve forgotten what has already happened. And I know it won’t get better because I was silly and watched the film adaptation of the book over the weekend, so now I know how it will end – it’s not a happy ending either.


    • I’m looking forward to reading Magician. It’s one of those books I’ve been picking up in the shop for years, but never buying it.
      I had never heard of The Fault In Our Stars until a few months ago. Dymocks had a competition on for their members to win a copy of this book, I’d never heard of it but entered because I like free stuff. Lo and behold I won and have now heard amazing things about this book so I can’t wait to read it.


      • Ahhh cool! Magician is great, as are the next two books in that series, Silverthorn and A Darkness At Sethanon. I wouldn’t read anything else after those three books though, he’s written dozens but they get very samey very quickly.
        I actually think The Fault In Our Stars is only a few months old? Think it’s this year it was released, or very late last year maybe? But that is awesome you won it – I’m halfway through, and am really in love with this book! 😀


        • I think I might read The Fault In Our Stars next. I’m reading Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey at the moment and it’s dragging on a bit, so I think I need to read a shorter book to get my reading mojo back!


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