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More Beautiful Books


My latest book order has arrived. Anyone read any of these? Thoughts and opinions?



  1. I’ve heard great things about ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.’ I had somewhat mixed feelings regarding ‘The Night Circus,’ but I would certainly encourage you to read it and I’d love to hear your thoughts.


    • I’ve heard lots of great stuff about it too – I think I might just skip straight to it as my next read, even though I have about 10 other books to read before I get to it.
      I’m certain that there will be plenty of thoughts on this book, expecially cosidering that you have mixed feelings about it and another blogger who posted here is reading at the moment and loving it. Is there anything in particular that makes you not love it?


      • It was interesting, but I felt like the author and I didn’t agree on what the most interesting part was or something. There were certain parts that I really wish she’d spent more time on because I wanted to know more about them and other parts that I found much less interesting. Does that make sense?
        It’s like when authors have a really good idea and then take it in a bizarre direction and you’re left feeling kind of disappointed. This wasn’t quite like that โ€” there were just a lot of directions and I was more interested in one she didn’t explore as far.


        • Hmmm, I’ll keep that it mind while I’m reading and try to see what you mean. I understand what you are saying though – that has happened to me so many times with books. I hate feeling like something has been left unfinished.


    • Yeah I’m actually looking really forward to reading it. The little blurb on the back made it sound quite interesting. I was worried that I would be a little bit disappointed once I started reading it (you know, expectations and whatnot), but if you like it, I’m sure it can’t be all bad!


    • Yes I’ve heard that’s quite good. A blog I follow recently did a review on it and it sounded great. I’m really looking forward to reading it.


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