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One Lovely Blog Award

My favAbout a million years ago (ok, probably closer to a month), I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. For whatever reason at the time, I never got around to doing my duty and nominating my own choices for this blog. Then, just last week, I was nominated for this award AGAIN! Clearly this was a sign that I need to get my butt into gear and do some nominations.

First of all, I would like to thank the two lovely ladies who nominated me to begin with – What Jane Read Next and She Who Must Not Be Named. If you have not come across these two blogs in your blogging travels, you should take some time right now to head on over and check them out. I’ve even done half the job for you by supplying some links!!!

Now, along with these nifty little awards, there comes some rules. So here are the rules for this particular award:

The rules:
• Link back to the blogger who nominated you. done
• Paste the award image on your blog. done
Tell 7 facts about yourself. coming up next
• Nominate 15 other blogs that you would like to give the award to. will probably be something more like 5-10 blogs
• Contact the bloggers that you have chosen and let them know about the award. of course I will!

Things about me

What can I tell you about myself that I haven’t shared already? Let’s see…

  1. I act a lot younger than my 27 years. I think I forget how old I am and I constantly feel like I’m in my early twenties. This in turn has made some people think I am younger than I am – which is perfectly fine with me!
  2. I like post-it notes. Not for any reason in particular, I just think they are awesome.
  3. I currently have a HUGE obsession with Burger Rings. Seriously, how can you deny their burgery goodness. I believe they are a very underrated snack.
  4. My eyes are starting to go funny from so much reading. I may need to just have a week off from reading, but I have set myself a goal to read 70 books this year and I am only just over halfway through. I’m terrible at setting goals and following through, so I am determined that this is one goal I will achieve. If you check back to my blog and it looks like I have written a bunch of gibberish, it’s probably because I can’t see what I am typing.
  5. I’m planning a holiday to Italy with my mum in the next 18 months (well, started planning and haven’t done anything for a while). My mum loves everything Italian, so I’m treating her to a lovely mother/daughter get away. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so excited about anything in all the time I’ve known her.
  6. Right now I’m eating Chicken Noodle Soup for my lunch.
  7. I sometimes wish I worked in a paint shop so I could look at those little colour sample things all day.

Blogs you should check out

  1. 1001 Children’s Books
  2. The Usual Foolishness
  3. Should Be Reading
  4. Cythia Shepp
  5. Brian Cooney’s photography blog

Off to buy some Burger Rings now.


  1. Post-its! Love ’em. I walked aroud with one on my forehead the other day that said “This person will eat you if you don’t give her a hug. Quick.”


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