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This post is somewhat inspired by a post done by David at iPhone Photographer (you can check it out here). His post from a little while ago made me think about some photos that I had taken last year of a pelican which was rehabilitating at a zoo. It is amazing how beautiful you can find some creatures to be when you really study them. I’m sure that many people may think of pelicans as rather ungainly birds, when in reality, the exact opposite is true. So, as proof to back up my claim, here are some photos that I have taken. The first two are from this afternoon – I had gone down to the waterfront to get some shots of the sunset (which wasn’t that spectacular), but ended up getting more photos of a lovely pelican instead. The rest of the photos are my shots from the zoo last year. Enjoy (and thanks for the inspiration David!!).



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    • Thanks! I was very lucky that it was a nice afternoon and he just happened to be there.
      Yes the header is new. It’s a picture of a sunset from a couple of Sunday’s ago. I only had my iPhone with me but as you’ve proven, that makes no difference! This particular photo is a panorama that I stitched together using AutoStitch. I was pretty pleased!


    • You know I’m so un-Australian, I’ve never watched Storm Boy. But I do know who Mr Percival is 🙂 I think that I need to get some culture into me and watch it one of these days!


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