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Car Badges

Today was the bi-annual Davistown Putt-Putt Regatta. It’s basically a day for everyone to just come down to the waterfront, socialise and check out all the old wooden boats in the area. There’s a race between the boats, crews dress up (today we saw The Thunderbirds) and there are stalls all along the waterfront. There’s your usual food stalls, but then there are also stalls full of old trinkets, home made goodies, art, the list goes on. But by far my favourite thing every time I go, are the old cars on display. There are cars from all the way back to 1911, 1928 and some from more recent times (1967 Mustang anyone?). I love the badges on cars, so today I took the opportunity to get some photos of the car badges. The MG one was my favourite by far!


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