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The Forgotten Garden

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I love a good piece of historical fiction. I think it’s something about the way that the author brings together real events or places in history, with fictional characters and makes a story that you could believe actually happened. I find it much easier to get involved into a story like this, and The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton was no exception.

Cover of "The Forgotten Garden: A Novel"

Cover of The Forgotten Garden: A Novel

This particular novel takes place over a period of about 100 years. The entire plot revolves around a little girl who turns up alone on a dock in Queensland, in 1913. Her only possession is a small, white leather suitcase, filled with things that only deepen the mystery of her appearance further. Fast forward to 2005, the little girl has grown up, lived her life and passed away. Now her granddaughter, Cassandra, has inherited a family mystery, along with a cottage in England. It would appear that not everything is as it seems in her family history. Cassandra follows the clues left by her grandmother, to unravel a mystery that has been buried since 1913. From the streets of London in 1900, to the English seaside in 2005, this is one family history that is harder to untangle than a ball of wool.

I was immediately intrigued by this story. There’s not much more that could beat a family mystery that spans a century. While I suspected that I had some of the mystery solved about half way through, there was enough unanswered questions that kept me second guessing myself. You’ll breeze through this book – the characters are realistic and relatable; the plot is believable and Kate Morton herself writes in a way that it feels like a friend sitting beside you, telling you a story.

RATING – 9 out of 10.

WHO SHOULD READ IT – If you loved Kate Morton’s first book The Shifting Fog, then you will definitely enjoy this as well.

WHO YOU’LL LOVE – Eliza Makepeace was my favourite character by far. She had such a great imagination and was a character to really admire for her honesty.



  1. The first Kate Morton book I read, and I absolutely loved it! Just finished reading The Secret Keeper…now I am in post-book depression.


    • Have you read the Shifting Fog aka The House at Riverton (depending on which country your in). That was the first one I read and I loved it. But I think I liked The Forgotten Garden better. I can’t wait to read The Secret Keeper.


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