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Getting Back On The Blogging Horse. at the beginning of November, it struck fear into my heart, mostly because I had alerted many people to the fact that I was participating in it and I was afraid of completely embarrassing myself. But now, it’s done. And I actually managed to finish! High fives for me! So far my book has only been good enough for reading on the toilet (thanks to the boyfriend), but it’s nice to think that I have one more novel written now than I did at the same time a month ago, no matter how bad it is.

But now it’s time to get back to reality, ie. stop thinking about what I’m going to make my characters do next. Somehow in the last month, I have managed to read six books but as all computer time has been devoted to writing my little novel, I have neglected my blog.

My sad Christmas tree. As you can see, the decorations are in various spots all over the lounge room, ready to go, but too lazy at the moment.

My sad Christmas tree. Decorations are ready to go, but no action yet.

So in the next few days I now have six book reviews to write as well as doing Christmas stuff. My Christmas tree is up, and there’s lights on it. But that’s as far as I got the other day before having to go off and do other things. I have made little puddings to give out as gifts but I still have to make more, there are any number of other food stuffs that I need to make and put away for gifts and I haven’t even finished buying the other things I am giving as presents. Normally my Christmas shopping is done and dusted before November has even reared it’s ugly head, as I have an extreme dislike of Christmas crowds. I am one hundred percent certain that shoppers get dumber as soon as Christmas decorations go up in the shops – I’m pretty sure it could be proven scientifically.

So it looks like December is going to be just as sleep deprived as November was, but the reward at the end of it will be a two week break off work and a big fat Christmas meal or two (and watching The Hobbit). To everyone else who participated in NaNoWriMo, I hope that you haven’t also stepped, blinking rapidly, back into a super unorganised life!

Would you care for a pudding?

Would you care for a pudding?


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