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Getting My Christmas On – Part 2

Further to my last Christmassy post, I thought I would share with you all the rest of the food stuffs that we have made to put in our homemade Christmas hampers. We gave one to some family members the other day, and they seemed to really like it. So if you are stuck for a Christmas idea for someone and feel like doing a bit of cooking, why not make something yourself (you don’t need to go as crazy. If not, there’s always next year!

Raspberry vinegar

This is Raspberry Vinegar. It’s very easy to make and can be used in much the same way that many other vinegars can. The raspberry flavour goes really well as a vinegar and it’s a rather strange sensation when you taste it – is it raspberry or is it vinegar? It can be used in salads as a vinaigrette, is delicious drizzled over vanilla ice cream and can also be used as a sort of cordial – just add a couple of tablespoons to iced water and you have a raspberry flavoured drink!

Recipe cards

I also included some recipe cards in the hamper. These were recipes for most of the things that we included in the hamper, but I also included a couple of recipes for different ways to use the Raspberry Vinegar. I made my own template for these and just printed them out on cardboard. I tied them with some pretty red and white twine that I bought from my favourite stationery shop, Kikki-K.

Apple jam

Originally I had planned on making some rhubarb jam to go in the hamper, but rhubarb is still a bit pricey and not the best quality yet. So when I found a recipe for Apple Jam, I thought that it would be the perfect substitue. I got about 7 small jars of jam out of a kilo and a half of granny smith apples, so it is very cost effective. It also tastes great, which is even better. I can’t wait to try it on some raisin toast on the weekend!

By far the quickest and easiest things that we made were these flavoured salts. We made two types – an orange and fennel one, which will be great as a rub for roast pork, and a lemon and chilli salt which will go really well with chicken. Including grating the zest of the lemon and orange (and some knuckles), these two probably took about half an hour in total to make.

Orange and fennel saltLemon and chilli salt

And this is what it looks like all together in the basket. There’s also a homemade Christmas pudding there, as well as some gingerbread and shortbread. At the back there is a bottle of garlic olive oil and some balsmic vinegar. The plan for the rest of the hampers is to make some fresh bread on Christmas Eve to put in there for dipping in the oil and balsamic, but we didn’t have time with this one, so we put a packet of grissini sticks in (which is up the back tucked in behind the bottles). We also included a little shallow bowl for pouring the oil into.

Everything together

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