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Holiday Snaps

Tamworth, in country NSW, is probably best known for it’s Golden Guitar and it’s world famous Country Music Festival. It has more fast food places than what is needed for a town it’s size and if I’m perfectly honest, there’s not a great deal to do there. Which is exactly the way I like it. Working in the hustle and bustle of Sydney five days a week, where everyone is in a rush to get no where, coming back to a place where I spent a lot of my childhood is always relaxing. Even a busy day at the shops in Tamworth, pales in comparison to a busy days at the shops in the city. But the best thing about going back to Tamworth for a short rest period, is seeing my uncle and aunty and getting to stay in their beautiful home. Set on a one acre block, the house is new residential area about 10 minutes drive out of the town proper. It is the only house in the area with any character. Most of the homes are all kit homes, built by the same three or four home design companies in Tamworth, so they all pretty well look the same – perhaps a different shade of brick here and there. The garden is a work of art, with hundreds of roses and it has the most wonderfully relaxing country feel about it. It makes me think of an old English country garden sometimes, and it is not uncommon for cars to drive slowly past the house to admire the garden.

So, here’s a few snaps for you to look at. I certainly haven’t done the house and garden justice, but I think you’ll be able to see why I love being there so much!


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