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We’re Better Together (I Think)

So I watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead this evening and it is now keeping me awake as I lie in bed, thinking about what I would be like if zombies did take over the world. So my question at this late hour is – In a zombie apocalypse would you:

a) try and group together with every living person you came across, thereby creating one big human supergroup that may have its problems but would be stronger
b) stick to a smaller group of people that may not be strong but is made up if people you can trust. Outsiders are virtually a no go zone.
c) every man for himself – kill or be killed.

I’d actually be very interested to read people’s responses. I think if you can t trust people in a zombie apocalypse, when can you trust them? Also, are you crazy like me and already started
thinking about prime locations for fortifications in such an event?


  1. I’d probably go with b, though I’m not entirely sure why. I wouldn’t do the whole kill or be killed…if it came down to that, there clearly isn’t much left to fight for. But I do think you’d have to be cautious too, which kind of rules a out. 😛


    • I agree with you about the whole “kill or be killed”. The sad thing is, is that there is guaranteed to be some people like that – they just can’t help themselves. Once there’s a few people around like that, the whole situation spirals from there until you can’t trust anyone. But I just don’t get why people would think it would be better to fight and kill the living rather than the dead. It would make more sense to me to band together and keep civilisation going rather than destroying it even further. The human mind is such a strange thing!


  2. I would go for option 2. Unless the group in option 1 had a very democratic leadership structure.
    My son and I recently purchased throwing knives and a throwing axe from our local outdoor store. We are becoming apocalypse ready and the more our skill levels improve, the better we feel we would be at taking option 3 or at least more useful to the group in option 2.
    And yeah … we are definitely a household of Walking Dead fans … 🙂


    • Throwing knives AND a throwing axe?? That’s so cool! I think the closest thing I would have to a weapon would by my big rolling pin. It’s about half a metre long and I thought if I sharpened one end of it would be good for stabbing and bashing things.
      I think I would like to be in a large group of people – like the Governor’s town. But I would hope that the leader would be a better person than he is.


  3. Bernie says

    So Cam and I already have our plans if this ever happens. The rule is he has to keep my alive for 20 minutes while I have a freak out and then I willbe ok. I even know what we would do here at work if it ever happend.
    I think that i would stick to people that I knew to start off with but if you end up in the situation like the guys on the show, I would then become more picky about who i chose to spend my time with


    • I need a battle plan for work now – we just moved into our new office on the weekend, so no plans for zombies yet.
      There’s definitely sense in sticking with people that you know. But after watching it last week, I really think that there is strength in numbers. Sure you might have a bit of infighting, but when the zombies come you all have a common cause and I’d like to think that everyone would band together. I think I’d feel safer in a large town.


  4. Karina says

    James and I talk about this stuff all the time! I would stick to those i trusted…Might have been a different story before the kids but with them with me there is nothing i wouldn’t do to protect them. I’d kill anyone and anything that got in my way. I’m all for community but only those proven trustworthy to me if you get what i mean 🙂

    You and Ardy are welcome to join us 🙂


    • I think it would definitely be different if you had kids – it would be so much harder having to think about and for two other little people apart from yourself.

      When it happens, Ardy and I are going to take over the church near us, so meet us there!


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