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Hello Winter

The appearance of the chilly weather this week has made me think of when I was somewhere warmer and more exotic early last year. As a general rule, I’m not a fan of the heat. But I think that when you aren’t in the country of your birth, everything is better and more bearable. So here are a couple of holiday snaps from my trip to Koh Samui in February last year. If you are currently experiencing cold weather like me, may this warm you up a little.

Frangipanis Flowers Elephant PoolBar KohSamui_edited-1



  1. The elephant picture really did warm me up! It’s turning into Autumn here.
    Great pictures – they look like ones from a travel advertisement enticing people to come stay.


    • Thanks! It’s freezing in Sydney this morning – silly me left my coat at home. Lucky I put a scarf on though.
      If these pictures were for a travel advertisement, I would have booked my holiday already I think – I’d much rather be in Thailand than in Sydney today!


    • Thanks very much! They make me wish I was on holidays actually. I shouldn’t have posted them as they really are a painful reminder that I have to go to work every day. But I have to pay for my next holiday somehow!


    • Thanks! It was the first time I’d ever had a DSLR to take on holiday, so I went crazy on the photos. Some didn’t turn out so great, but these ones are my favourites for sure. I especially like the picture of the crab. There were a couple of dogs trying to dig him out of his hole on the beach to eat him, so we saved him. He was very pretty.


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