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At The Zoo

Yesterday my boyfriend and I spent a lovely day at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. It was literally the most perfect day for it – the sun was shining, the only clouds in the sky were the lovely white wispy ones and the temperature was just right for walking around all day. Admittedly the shine of the zoo has dimmed a little since my visits there as a child, but it’s still a great day out and the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday. If you ever visit Sydney and it’s a nice day,  you should definitely check it out. I challenge you to find a zoo with a better view!


  1. Nice photos! I haven’t been to Taronga in such a long time, I can barely remember the place. There is so much in Sydney I know I used to see a lot as a kid but now never do. Oh well, I guess when I revisit Australia with my other half I’ll do a lot of that stuff 😛


    • It wasn’t as great as I remember – I think the last time I went there was about six years ago and I remember then it was better than it was on the weekend. They’d moved a couple of the exhibits so it was a bit hard to see some things, in particular the red pandas which are my favourites. Last time I was there I could see them really easily but this time I barely got a glimpse of a tail 😦
      But it’ll be great when you bring your other half over, especially if you haven’t been to the zoo for ages. You’ll have a whole new appreciation for it.


  2. Just back from a zoo visit myself, it’s Save the Rhino day and so I took my son to Zoo Le Barben to listen to the park biologist speak and see the animals. It was wonderful and the rhino’s have become so much more interesting having listened to an animal behaviour specialist. Just waiting for the battery to recharge so I can check the photos!


    • I love that you took your son to the zoo to actually learn something rather than just look at animals in captivity. Sure it’s a great family day out but it’s such a great place to learn new things as well. We actually walked past one mum at the zoo who was teaching her two little girls about the healing properties of the aloe vera plant, which happened to be growing in one of the garden areas. There were plenty of other parents there that could have done with a couple of lessons themselves!


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