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Cover Recreation – January 2014

This is the first of my Australian Gourmet Traveller cover reproductions. The point of this little exercise is to get me using my camera a bit more and to get me cooking something different every now and then. Not that I don’t like making desserts and sweet things all the time, but it’s good to branch out every now and then.

The cover of the most recent edition features a yummy passionfruit frozen yoghurt with a passionfruit syrup and some charred mango pieces.  Not quite the different food I had in mind, but it gave me a reason to use the ice cream maker my boyfriend and I bought ourselves for Christmas. I love watching a creamy liquid turn into a frozen delight in less than half an hour – it amazes me every time! I had a little bit of trouble getting my set up to look similar to the cover of the magazine, so I gave up on that idea and just did it my way. It’s probably not as nice as the magazine itself, but I had fun making it (especially using liquid glucose for the first time) and if I’m really honest, I would want to eat the food I made if I looked at my picture. What I’ve included in this post are some photos I took while making the frozen yoghurt, as well as some of the finished product. You can find the recipe and for this here and also see the cover. I used  both my camera and my iPhone for some of these photographs.

I am in no way associated with Gourmet Traveller – this is just my own personal project for fun!


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