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The Farmhouse at Fattoria San Donato

After a couple of hours exploring the lovely San Gimignano, we hopped back on our bus and headed for Fattoria San Donato, which was about 10 minutes away. I was pretty hungry by this time and was really looking forward to eating, but first we went on a tour of the winery. Fattoria San Donato is in actual fact a small village which is largely dominated by a farmhouse. The family currently residing in the farmhouse has been there since the early 1930’s. Not only does the farm produce wine, but also olive oil, both of which we tasted during lunch. The lunch itself was a huge spread and was made up of everything from olives, fresh breads, cold sliced meats, cheeses and all washed down with wine produced on the farm. After lunch we were free to wander around the farm and visit the shop where you can buy wine and olive oil to take away. If you’re ever in the area, you should definitely visit and enjoy the lunch, it is definitely worth it (you can find details here – we did the Gourmet Tasting).

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