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Staying In Sorrento

After exploring Pompeii, we boarded the bus again to head to our hotel in Sorrento, which is right on the coast. Our hotel had the most amazing view and mum and I had a lovely little balcony which we enjoyed on our first evening there. The thing I remember and loved most about this hotel, was heading down to the bar before dinner and enjoying a couple of cocktails before we ate. On our first night there was a gentleman playing piano and singing, and a little group of us went down and listened to him after dinner. He was really amazing and had a lovely singing voice.

The hotel itself had the most beautiful view out over the ocean and we were really glad that we would be spending more than one night there. Sorrento was to be our base for the next couple of days while we went out to enjoy the sights nearby, namely the island of Capri and also some sight seeing along the Amalfi coast. We didn’t see much of Sorrento itself, except for one afternoon spent there hunting down a jeweller that sold the beautiful Capri watches (which we found eventually and eight of us ladies in the tour group all ended up taking one home). But although we didn’t get to see a lot of the town of Sorrento, the view from our hotel was enough and it was great to come back to it after a day of being a tourist and just watching the cruise ships come in (or leave) and watch the sunset.



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    • I really loved it – I wish I could have seen a bit more of Sorrento but we spent a whole day on Capri and another day driving along the Amalfi coast. I think when I go back to Italy I’ll spend more time in Sorrento – it was the perfect place for relaxation!


  3. What a great blog. I was just looking around for things related to Sorrento and I found you. I have a book coming out, A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories, soon to be available on Amazon. Not the same Sorrento but I have a feeling you’ll enjoy it, given your adventurous spirit. I do want to travel more myself!


    • Thanks Henry! My travel posts at the moment are all catch up really – I was Italy in October last year and I’m only just getting around to posting about it now. A bit lazy of me really. Don’t be surprised if the quality of content drops when I have to start using my imagination to write and not just my memory!! I’ve just been looking at your blog – I’m guessing that A Night at the Sorrento will be a graphic novel? I’ve never read a graphic novel but I think I’ll pick one up this year as it’s probably the only style of novel I’ve not read and I think it’s about time.


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