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Cover Recreation – February 2014

The February issue of Australian Gourmet Traveller features a really quick and easy tomato, corn and prawn salad. To look at it, you would think that it is Spanish inspired. I guess the body of it is, but the dressing is made up of purely Asian flavours that go beautifully with the main stars of the dish. I was a bit lazy this month and just used my iPhone – mostly because it’s easier to get an ok photo in my kitchen when using it. But also because I was starving and was really looking forward to eating the salad! Unlike last month, I managed to get this months recreation fairly close to the cover, minus a couple of minor details.

You can find the recipe for this yummy salad here, as well as see a shot of the current cover. A couple of hints if you want to make this – I have no idea where to get shiso leaves near me, so I substituted it for mint, which I read has a similar flavour. I also couldn’t find sherry vinegar in my local supermarket, so I used rice wine vinegar instead – the dressing still tasted amazing. Finally, I wasn’t amazed with the flavour of the prawns. As they are cooked in the oven minus their shells, they didn’t have a lot of flavour – the dressing helps with that, but I think next time I make this, I will just buy pre cooked prawns and toss them through. I think it would taste better and virtually deletes an entire step in the recipe, making it even quicker to make. For serving I put the dressing in a little bottle to enable me to control the pouring of it a little better and I used a flat platter with a lip for the salad rather than a bowl, and I just know this salad would look amazing on the table to share with friends.


The finished product


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