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Cover Recreation – March 2014

I’m a bit early with this month’s cover, mostly because the recipe for these two amazing desserts isn’t available online, so if you want to try them for yourself, you’ll have to head out and pick up the Gourmet Traveller magazine. But you can see a photo of the cover here.

This month’s cover is graced by two delicious frozen desserts: the first is a chocolate-torrone semifreddo, and the second is passionfruit mint sorbetto. After my little photo shoot yesterday, my boyfriend and I had a flavour each, he the chocolate and I the passionfruit. It was quite warm here yesterday, so the sorbetto was lovely and refreshing and I have it on very good authority that the semifreddo is very rich and you could definitely just do with one scoop. So there you go. If you do decided to make at least the semi-freddo, torrone is an Italian nougat which can be soft and chewy or hard and brittle. I used the soft version in here and I bought it online from Enoteca Sileno (based in Melbourne), but I’m also told you can get it from Harris Farm Markets and in Sydney the Norton Street Grocer sells it. It’s quite expensive so you might be able to swap it for some regular nougat, just make sure you get a nice soft one as I think that’s best.

I had lots of fun with this one. I didn’t really have anything that as similar colouring to the cover so I went and bought a couple of bits and pieces. The lovely patterned saucer holding the sorbetto is part of a cup and saucer set I got from Myer and the small platter holding the semifreddo is also from there. It was white when it came home with me and I painted it gold, as well as the (plastic) teaspoon in the photo and the little ice cream cup holding the sorbetto. The cups I picked up from the party section of a cheap homewares shop. So this week I’v learnt that if ever I’m looking for a certain style of dish, or any tableware really, and I can’t find it, I should just find something similar and slap some paint on it!


The finished product. I quite like this one, except for the sad ice cream cone in the back!

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