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The Lighthouse at Byron Bay

Last weekend we were lucky enough to attend a beautiful wedding at the lovely Byron Bay. The wedding was Saturday afternoon, so my boyfriend and I decided to drive to Ballina to look for a black shirt for him to wear to the wedding, as he hadn’t packed his. So in the car we got and began driving towards Ballina, but we hadn’t even been in the car for 5 minutes when we drove past a sign that said “LIGHTHOUSE”. I’d not ever seen a lighthouse before so my lovely boyfriend agreed that we could go check it out.

It was lovely. Being situated on the most eastern point of Australia, it has some amazing views over the ocean and even back inland, looking over the town of Byron Bay. We spent nearly 45mins up there in total I think. There’s a great little cafe just down from the lighthouse that we had a great coffee from. They also sold ice-cream there – I couldn’t imagine anything better than sitting on a bench on a hot day, looking out over the ocean, and enjoying a cold ice-cream!

Anyway, here’s a few photos I took. I only had my iPhone on me, no big camera sadly, but I plan on going back very soon so hopefully I can get some better photos!


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