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Cover Recreation – April 2014

Early again for this month’s cover – but only because there’s hot cross buns on the cover!! And we all know that you need to eat as many hot cross buns as you can while they’re around. These ones are Sour Cherry Hot Cross Buns – so yum!

I had some trouble setting up for this one – I didn’t have a rack big enough to put the round of buns on, so had to improvise and change it up a bit. They’re also not the best looking buns around (I think I got a bit sloppy with rolling the dough into balls) but they taste amazing and I made them myself which only makes them taste better. The recipe called for dried sour cherries, but I couldn’t find those anywhere, so I experimented a bit and bought a jar of morello cherries from the preserved fruit aisle at the supermarket, rinsed them under water to get most of the sweet syrup off them, dried them, put them on a tray covered in baking paper and put them in the oven which was preheated to the lowest temperature setting (whatever that is) and in this way I had my own dried cherries after about 3 hours! I could have let them go longer, but got impatient! As with last month, the recipe for this one isn’t available online, so if you want to make these ones specifically, you’ll have to head out and grab the magazine. Otherwise, they have this one hereΒ which looks pretty good too! Happy baking πŸ™‚



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