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Maroubra Beach

After doing a clean up on my camera today, I thought I might go through all the photos on my laptop to see what was there. Some reminiscing ensued, the majority of which revolved around the thought of, “I can’t believe how drunk I used to be ALL OF THE TIME”. But there were some photos amongst the crap that weren’t completely terrible, so in an effort to get blogging again in the new year – and to do it regularly – I thought I’d share some of what I consider the best of a bad bunch. It was funny looking back and seeing that my subject matter hasn’t changed that much in the space of almost 10 years – still very few people appearing in my photos (aside from the ones documenting drunken nights out), lots of scenery and general nature things.

I thought I’d kick things off with a couple of photos taken on Maroubra Beach, from when I lived in Maroubra many moons ago. Let these photos stand as evidence that I, with my incredibly pale skin, have actually set foot on a beach. And apologies for the quality of some of these – I’m pretty sure they were taken with a point and shoot camera, nothing fancy.


    • Thanks! I have so many photos on my camera that I’ve just left on there because I’m attached to them for some reason. Even though I’ve put them on my laptop as well. I need to empty it out and start fresh!


    • Thanks very much. I wish I had a better camera at the time – but it was ten years ago so I suppose they’re ok considering.


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