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No resolutions, but plenty to look forward to

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. When I was younger it was largely because I just couldn’t have been bothered, but in more recent times it’s because I felt that it was just too much pressure going into something that’s meant to be a fresh start and expecting that I have to do something in that year. If I don’t stick to my resolution, does that make me a failure? I don’t need that sort of guilt – I’d much rather do things as I do them and I certainly don’t want to get to this time next year and make the same resolution and not stick to it again. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle. Earlier this year I set myself some blogging goals which lasted approximately four months before other slightly more important things got in the way. That’s a third of a year, so I suppose it wasn’t a complete failure, but it only reiterated what I already suspected – resolutions and goals set on the coat-tails of a new year, are the ones most easily not achieved. But that’s just my opinion – I’ve never been a very goal orientated person, I’ve tried to be, but I’m not. If you are one of those people who can actually achieve their goals and stick to their resolutions, go team you!

So this post is not about what I hope to do and what I hope to achieve in the New Year. This post is about the stuff I already have planned and what I already have in the works. It’s more for me to read than everyone else to read, but I figure that putting it out into the blogosphere will make it more real and more exciting, and I’ll have something to look forward to in the coming months when life comes along and gets a bit tough. Also the accompanying photo of fireworks (taken on a New Years Eve a million years ago) is quite pretty and it’ll be nice to look at on my blog in the coming months (or at least the first third of the year until I stop blogging again). So here’s what I have planned for the coming year. And please feel free to share any upcoming exciting (or even not exciting) things you guys have coming up. Saying it out loud makes it so much better!

  1. I started editing my 2014 NaNoWriMo novel the other day, which is tedious but educational and will probably take me the better part of a couple of months as I have other things to do at the same time. It’s strange reading it and knowing that those words came from my brain – the writing doesn’t even sound like me, it sounds like someone much better than me. But then again, perhaps that is my deluded writer’s brain trying to convince myself I’ve written something good.
  2. I started writing another novel which I’d like to have done by the end of June, but no biggie if it’s not, but it would be great to write a complete novel not written in one month in November.
  3. Still full speed ahead with my university studies. I can highly recommend learning something new if you have some spare time on your hands in the new year. Aside from doing something constructive with your time, it’ll keep your brain ticking along. And I can highly recommend studying online, it has been amazing for me as I’m on the internet all the time anyway so I might as well do something useful with that time.
  4. In June I turn one year older than 29 (I can’t bring myself to say the number out loud yet) which perhaps explains my sudden urge to start getting my life into gear, but it’s probably just the horrendous event I needed. Ok really I’m not overly worried about being that age, I think it’s good I’ve made it this far at all, and really I don’t feel my age. In any case, please feel free to wish me a happy 25th birthday when the big day rolls around, because really, it’ll make me feel a lot better.
  5. I’l be trying plenty of new things this year, including going to the opera in February here in Sydney, and in August I’ll be jetting off to Paris and London ALONE. Completely unaccompanied. I’ve only recently plucked up enough courage to go to the movies alone, so I’ll admit that the prospect of travelling to the other side of the world by myself is a little bit daunting, but then I think about how good the croissants are in Paris and I’m ok.

So you guys, Happy New Year! To the kind people who have actually read my sporadic writing this year, thank you very much. To the people who have resolutions and goals for the new year I say again, go team you. And to the pantsers (those who fly by the seat of their pants) I wish you the very best of luck.


  1. I really liked my nano novel this year too – I wrote something I would want to read, so I think that helps. Finding time to edit is a nightmare though – between uni work, tv, reading books by other people, writing my own crappy other stuff, actual paid work, and general procrastinating, editing hasn’t exactly made it to the top of list of things to do!


  2. Wow, I think these are excellent goals/things planned. So jealous of your future travels!! This year I want to start editing my nano novel, too. I’ve written 3 before that have kind of fallen to the wayside, but I really like this one! First I have to finish writing the ending, though. Oops. Here’s to finishing things.


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