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Blue Mountains, Australia

On this cloudy Australia Day, I thought I’d share some photos I took on a trip to the Blue Mountains in July last year. Although a vast amount of the country’s population lives on the coast, there’s more to this beautiful country than sand and ocean. Not being a lover of the beach myself (completely un-Australian, I know) and being originally from the bush where we were hundreds of kilometres away from the ocean, I have a great appreciation for the interior of our country and its natural beauty. So here are a few of my favourite photos from my trip to the Blue Mountain, itself not situated that far from the ocean, but you could be forgiven for thinking you were in an entirely different country. Happy Australia Day my fellow Aussies – be grateful every day that we get to live here.



  1. Fantasic photos, Heather. I prefer the bush, too. In the bush you can go in anywhere. Despite the existence of boats, I still found the beach a narrow, limiting strip of sand or rocks bounded by the sea on one side and (ironically!) the bush on the other. I think I last went to Katoomba and the Blue Mountains about 20 years ago. I hope it hasn’t changed much.

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    • It’s probably been about the same amount of time since I was there last – it was on a school trip. It was basically the same as I remembered. Although I have a greater appreciation for things now, so I would have to say I definitely preferred this trip. I’ll definitely be getting back there soon!


  2. Ahh the mountains! They are a beautiful part of Australia. For a long time, long before the European plans were even conceived of being conceived, I had considered moving to the mountains one day. Definitely somewhere I need to take my other half when I come back to visit later this year! Your photos are gorgeous! 😀


    • I agree – it’s so lovely. I had similar thoughts – if I had to live anywhere else in Australia, definitely the Blue Mountains. We stayed in Katoomba while we were there and I really loved looking at all the old buildings. So much history in the area. I can imagine buying a house there when I’m old and just enjoying the rest of my life.


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