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Top Ten Bookish Problems

I’ve had many problems over the years, but by far the most ongoing are my bookish ones. It is not a finite list, and no doubt once I publish this post I’ll think of something else, but I have to start somewhere I suppose. So here are my (current) top ten bookish problems. What are yours?

10. Paper books smell and feel so good, but ebooks are so convenient. This one is fairly self explanatory. Nothing in this world beats the feel of a book in your hands, but realistically once you’ve been collecting for a few years, they start to take up a lot of space. With ebooks they’re all in the one device and when you finish one book, you’ll more than likely have another one right there ready to go.

9. Reading a series that goes for thirteen books, when really eight would have been plenty. But you have to keep reading anyway because you’ve started it and have to finish it. This happened to me with the Sookie Stackhouse novels, the quality of which really degenerated as the number of them increased.

I think I’m at ‘reality check’.

8. Fear of loss. Sure there’s ten copies of that book on the shelf in the shop and sure they probably have more out the back and could order it in for me. But what if every copy of this book caught on fire tomorrow and the ebook file was deleted from everywhere? I better buy it now and add it to the fifty other books in my to be read pile.

7. Feeling like a zombie after pulling an all night reading binge. And knowing that no amount of coffee in the world will help you get through the day. But you’d do it all again. In fact, you’ll probably do it again tonight. Because finishing that book is more important than being able to do your job effectively.

6. When you really like a character in a book, and then the show gets adapted for the big/small screen and the casting of the character is all wrong. This happened to me very recently. The Night Manager is being made into a tv series and they have cast a female in the role of one of the best characters in the book, a male. I will admit that the book itself is very heavily male populated and it would have been done to diversify the cast, but I worry that it will change the dynamic between the characters. Anyway, what can you do?

This needs to be a thing that can happen.

5. When you’re going away somewhere for more than a week and can’t pick which book/s to take. There are so many factors to consider: what would be a good holiday read, will I have enough time for reading, will I have too much time for reading, the book can’t be too big otherwise it’ll be cumbersome to carry around with me, should I even take one with me or should I just visit a book shop there, or should I take one and visit a book shop. Packing clothes is easy by comparison.

4. Getting to the end of a series and it being over. Two words: Harry Potter. Also The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and for me the George Smiley series.

3. A ridiculously long wait between books. I’m looking at you George RR Martin! Oh, and Justin Cronin as well, I’m going crazy waiting for the third book in The Passage Trilogy.

2. Lending books and never getting them back. This has happened to me once and only once. I foolishly lent someone a book I hadn’t even had a chance to read yet, and never saw it again. Be considerate borrowers you guys.

And my Number One Bookish Problem is…

1. There’s not enough time to read all of the books. I’ll just have to become a vampire I suppose.



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  2. All of these. I’ve started only allowing myself to bring my tablet for ebooks when I travel, unless I have a library book that I need to finish by a certain date. And you’re making me glad I don’t tend to read series haha.

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    • Series’ are the worst, for the reasons mentioned. I particularly hate the ones that drag out just to make more money – you can really tell.
      I think I’ve finally found my holiday read though for when I go away in August. I bought it the other day – it’s called ‘The Porcelain Thief’. It just looks and sounds like a holiday read. Such a relief I’ve got that sorted!


  3. I feel you on all of these. I always pack books whenever I travel, and I rarely end up reading them because I’m too tired from traveling, and then I feel like I wasted a trip! 😦

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    • That happened to me last time I went overseas – I packed two books to read and I don’t think I managed to read a full chapter of either of them.


  4. I can relate to all of these, but especially #7 since I just did that last night and #5 because we’re going on vacation soon and I’ve been thinking on which books to bring for weeks. And I kinda sorta solved bad book borrowers with a nice spreadsheet and a lovely “This book belongs to Kaitlin Throgmorton” stamp that I imprint onto the first page of all my books. I haven’t lost a book in a while, although I need to go nudge someone to give me back my copy of The Giver, come to think of it.

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    • I’m currently suffering from #5 as well. I’m trying not to buy anymore books this year (as if that will happen) so basically the book/s I take away with me on holiday in August has to be picked from what I already have. I’ve been debating for weeks which will be the best holiday read, but I can’t choose. I worry that I will either read the best one BEFORE I go away, or I’ll take one with me that wasn’t quite right. So difficult!
      I have a little stamp now too, but the only person who borrows books from me these days is my mum. And I know where she lives so I’ll always get my books back 🙂

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  5. This is a great list of bookish problems. I like the last picture…being surrounded by books! My TBR stack(s) are out of control, too. Also, if I see my favorite book in a shop, I have to buy it again and again. Should leave it for someone else to discover, but just can’t … afraid something might happen to my other many copies. 🙂

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    • I have a couple of books I have multiple copies of – they’re ones that I wanted to read again and couldn’t find the copy I already had, so I was impatient and went and bought another…because I couldn’t wait and had to read it NOW. It’s a hard life being a reader!


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