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Would You Rather?

wouldyourather1-250x175I saw Brett post this tag over on his blog (go check it out) and thought I’d steal it and do my own post, because I’m a thief and that’s how I roll. As it’s one of those blog tag things, I’m probably meant to tag some specific blogs to do this as well, but I’m a lazy thief. So if you’re reading this consider yourself nominated. Congratulations (or commiserations)! And now for the questions:

Would you rather…

1. Read trilogies or stand-alones? I’m definitely going to say stand-alones. It’s not that I don’t like book series’, but no matter how terrible the first book is, I’m usually compelled to read the rest of the series which is usually a waste of time that I can’t dissuade myself from. I’m nothing if not a finisher of books. Whereas if I read a standalone and it’s terrible, at least I don’t have more of the series to drag myself through.

PieChart2. Read only female or male authors? Here I absolutely have no preference. Here’s a pie chart I made to demonstrate. It’s based on the last 50 authors I’ve read (I did authors rather than books as some of the books were by the same author, so for this I only counted each author once). As you can see, the ratio is pretty close and I also have too much time on my hands.

3. Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon? For the purposes of this post, Barnes & Noble shall henceforth be known as Dymocks (as that’s probably the Aussie equivalent). I have a definite preference for Dymocks, because I can go in and touch all the books. As cheap as Amazon and similar sites can be, nothing beats being surrounded by books and fellow book shoppers.

4. All books become movies or TV shows? Um, I think it depends on the book. Something like George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is simply too epic for it to be cut down and made into a movie, so TV works for that one. Movies are very exciting though, and do tend to stick more closely to the book. But what I hate is when an adaptation of the first book in a series is made, just so the movie people can test the waters, and if it performs badly at the box office they don’t make the rest of the series. Either adapt the whole series, or not at all.

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week? Whaaaat? Of course I’d love to read 5 books a week, but I worry that I’d be reading so fast that I wouldn’t take in the book properly and miss stuff. So I’m going to be a sad reader and pick 5 pages per day. At least I’m reading every day!

Author mem6. Be a professional reviewer or author? I will have a book published one day, but if I’m really honest I’d rather be a professional reviewer because then I’d just get to sit around and read all the time, and talk and write about books. Also if I were a professional author I know I’d get frustrated with people trying to decipher the hidden meanings within my work. Here’s a spoiler for any books I have published in the future: I’m not clever enough for hidden meanings, I write what I mean.

7. Only read your top 20 favourite books over and over, or always read new ones that you haven’t read before? Definitely the latter. There are so many excellent books out there that it would be a shame to not try and read them all before I die.

8. Be a librarian or book seller? Book seller for sure! I’d love to be able to recommend books to people, preferably books they might not have otherwise read. There’s a lady that works in my local Dymocks who I absolutely have to stay away from, because she always recommends interesting books to me and I always end up buying them. I want to be like that.

This never gets old.

This never gets old.

9. Only read you favourite genre, or every genre except your favourite? I don’t really have a particular genre that I exclusively read as I’ll read just about anything (I thought about doing another pie-chart here, but it would have taken forever) – if it interests me, I’ll read it.

10. Only read physical books or eBooks? I’m well aware of how convenient eBooks are, but they will never beat the feel of an actual book in your hands, the smell of the paper, or the fact that it’s a lot cheaper to hurl a book across the room when something happens that annoys you.

What about you – what would you rather?



  1. Oh, professional reviewer all the way, too! I wonder if we might end up writing more as reviewers than authors, if we posted 5ish reviews per week?

    And agreed on new books! Of course, I’d be sad to never be able to look at old favorites again, but if I’m being honest with myself, I hardly do that now anyway.

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    • I’d say that we probably would end up writing more than authors – or we’d at least be on par with them. If we were to write 3 posts a week with an average of 650 words a post (that might be a high average), we’d be writing 101,400 words/year. That’s a novel right there. I’d never actually thought about it before – imagine if we wrote something really constructive with all those words! Like, our own novel.

      I’m the same as you – I hardly reread anything these days. Although I do have an itch lately to read the Harry Potter books. I think I might do that later in the year.


  2. Wow, I’m going to be thinking about whether I’d rather be a professional reviewer or author for weeks. If forced, I really don’t know how to pick between reading and accessing books versus writing them.

    Fun post — oh, and I was pleased to see the book/e-reader graphic resurface! Too funny.

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    • I thought that was a tough question too, but the more I thought about it the more I decided it would be best to be a reviewer. There would be so much less expectation, and it would be incredibly enjoyable to get paid to just sit around and read.

      And that book vs e-reader never gets old. If I could use it in every post I would 🙂

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  3. brettmichaelorr says

    Hi Heather! I don’t mind at all that you stole my tag – thanks so much for the shoutout!
    I absolutely love all of your answers (that pie chart is awesome! :D) and totally agree on the physical books preference (both reading them and buying them instores) – I love the smell, and the feel of them. Plus I couldn’t use instagram without physical books to take photos off! ^_^

    This was so much fun, I’m totally glad you stole my tag!!

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    • I have to say I’m pretty proud of my pie chart. It was good to see for myself which gender I read more of; but it nearly set off a pie chart mania – I sat trying to think what else I could make pie charts for!
      I’m with you re: the physical books on Instagram. eReader screens just don’t have the same look!

      Thanks for stopping by 😁

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      • brettmichaelorr says

        Your pie chart love makes me think of the “How I Met Your Mother” scene where Marshall makes a pie chart to describe his love of various (candy) bars, and a bar graph to show his love of various (sweet) pies. Heheh. ^_^

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        • I was imagining turning into Marshall while I did the pie chart. I kept thinking that I might eventually need an intervention…

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