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24in48: The Final Update

So as you might have seen here, I hit 12 hours of reading in the 24in48 Readathon, at approximately 11:47pm last night. So I only had 12 more hours of reading to do today. Here’s how it went down:

7:23am – Woke up and decided it was too cold to take my hands out from underneath the covers and read. Laid with the covers over my head until 7:49 when I eventually gave myself a pep talk, resulting in my picking up Rilke and finishing his Sonnets to Orpheus (that took about 45mins). It was so lovely; but it definitely needs a second read when I’m less sleep deprived.

9:25am – After wasting precious reading time on doing adult things like showering, going outside to get a coffee, feeding my bird children and putting some clothes in the washing machine, I put my pj’s back on and settled in to read Sketchy, Doubtful, Incomplete Jottings. Because if you’re going to spend all day reading on a Sunday, you do it in your pj’s. Also, I really like the title of this book. It’ll be the first time I’ve read Goethe, so I’m a bit excited.

10:50am – Just finished Goethe. Wow. I get the distinct impression that he would have hated to be alive in the world as it is today.

11:13am – After some more adulting (hanging out washing), I’m about to start Agent 6 by  Tom Rob Smith. At 543 pages, this should put me on the threshold of 24 hours.

Snacks are important

1pm – Break for lunch and download a copy of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells to read on my ipad while I’m eating. Surprisingly I’ve never read this before. Prepared to have my head spun by time travel stuff (I actually didn’t get to read enough of this to get my mind blown).

2:25pm – Back on Agent 6. NEED SUGAR. Eat snakes.

7:30pm – Still reading Agent 6. Change into fresh pjs.

10:25pm – Finally finish Agent 6. Incredibly disappointed in the ending. Wish I’d picked a better book to read in a day. Only 45mins until I reach 24hrs, so I finish the challenge off with Femme Fatale by Guy du Maupassant.

11:11pm – CHALLENGE COMPLETE (ok, at 24hrs 06mins I’m a little over but meh).

Here is my full list of reads:

Here’s how much I read:

  • 8 complete books (although 4 of them were really small), plus a few pages from a couple of extra books;
  • That’s a grand total of 1648 pages (for scale, I think that’s a bit longer than War & Peace – so it is possible to read that book in a weekend) (but don’t because life) (and it’s probably not really possible because the font in that book is so tiny) (CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!);
  • For an average of 68.7 pages/hour.

Towards the end, I went a little bit loopy; I think a combination of extreme tiredness and too much sugar will do that to a person. But I had a really great weekend, snuggled up under a blanket and just reading. Sure I ran out of comfortable positions in which to sit in my chair, and sure I’ll probably fall asleep at my desk tomorrow, but I did manage to whittle down my TBR tower by a considerable amount. Enough that I can buy more books and start building it up again (joking! I have no money to spend on books because I spent it all on books).





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  3. Dying over your multiple sets of parentheses about War & Peace.

    You did SO WELL! I do hope you’ll be around for the next Dewey’s RAT in October. 🙂


    • Hahaha it was so late when I wrote that – I think nearly midnight. I thought it was hilarious at the time and then I looked at the next day and though, Yeah it’s still kinda funny. But I really do want to try and read War & Peace in a weekend. It would probably be the greatest achievement of my life.

      I’m definitely doing the Dewey Readathon. I had so much fun with this one and it was great chatting to other readers – I love that it’s so inclusive and so many people take park.
      I’m guessing you’ll be doing Dewey as well? It seems to be a little less strenuous than trying to read for a full 24 hours.


      • Dewey’s is what got me into book blogging in the first place! 🙂 I’ve only participated twice, but if all goes well, I will be making my third attempt in October. Speaking of which, I ought to mark it on my work calendar, so I know to make sure that weekend is clear… And yes, I don’t think Dewey’s has any specific amount of time you need to read, so definitely less intense than a full 24! Though I think some people DO attempt close to that.

        And it’s still hilarious, and I’m well-rested! If you ever wanted to be crazies together, I’d totally buddy-read W&P with you some weekend. My boyfriend goes away on a business trip in August, so that might be a fantastic time. Hint, hint. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • A BUDDY READ WOULD BE AMAZING. I’ve never done one before, and ‘War and Peace In A Weekend’ sounds like just the right amount of crazy to work. I can’t do August though 😦 I have stuff on every weekend from now until I go away (which is annoying because I never usually have anything on), and then I’m away for nearly all of the second half of August. Can you do September at all? I’ll need to check my own freeness in September, but I think I should be ok for earlier in the month.


  4. Haha love the pj deets. So proud of you for doing the full 24 hours AND knocking out 8 books, damn. You have like 600 more pages than me. I got MAD loopy at the end. Was hardly understanding any of the very few words I read haha. Would you go a full 24 hours again??


    • Well, I say I read 8 books, but 4 of them were around 50-60 pages so really they probably count as one book.

      I get what you mean about not understanding much of what you were reading. As soon as it hit about 10pm on both I’d definitely try and go for the full 24hrs again, if only to try and cut my TBR down some more (or to try and read War & Peace in a weekend).
      Do you think you’d do it again?

      But for now I’m looking forward to the next Dewey readathon. I think that seems a bit friendlier. But we’ll see.


      • I would do it again! I just think Dewey’s might be better, because I’m not actually reading every single second (though that is the idea sort of). A strict 24 hours of actual reading is kind of rough for me haha.


        • I agree. Dewey’s seems a bit more flexible. I feel like there is a greater chance of our eyes not feeling like they’re on fire by the time we get to the end.


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    • It was! I’m paying for it today though and I’ll definitely be having a little nap at/under my desk at some point. I also thought today was a good day to start wearing less make-up (not that I wear much anyway); it was a really bad idea. I look incredibly haggard. But at least I had a good weekend 🙂


  6. I envy your reading speed! At my best, I’m only about a forty pages per hour man. I wish I were faster :-(. The Goethe selection sounds interesting. I read his The Sufferings of Young Werther a few years back and thought it was really good even if it was a major downer. 🙂


    • I don’t usually read that fast is the thing! I must have just got into a groove. Either that or in my tiredness I did the maths completely wrong (but it seemed a pretty simple calculation to make). Depending on the book I’m usually anywhere between 30-50 pages and hour.

      I definitely want to read more Goethe now. That guy knows how to string a sentence together. I downloaded ‘Faust’ yesterday and was going to read it as part of 24in48, but then I didn’t for some reason.
      I’ve just been checking out your blog – I like what you did for 24in48; 24 short stories seems much more manageable than 24 hours of reading!


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