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Another Book Bingo Update

So all the way back here I started a reading challenge called Book Bingo. It’s pretty simple, you get yourself a bingo card from Books On the Nightstand, then mark it off each time you finish a book that applies to a certain square.

About a month ago I gave an update which you can check out here and which covers the books I have marked off in blue. I haven’t made a lot of progress since that last update, having only managed to mark off three more squares (in pink), one of which was my free square and I only did that to feel better about my lack of progress:


These are the books I’ve marked off in the last month:

  • HORRORPrinter’s Devil Court. This is book was an excellent example of when horror isn’t really that horrifying. Which is a real shame as I’ve read another horror story by the author (Susan Hill) and was actually scared by it.
  • FREE SQUAREInside the Head of Bruno Schulz by Maxim Biller. THIS WAS SUPER WEIRD. But I loved it. It’s a fictional story about what the mind of a real writer might be like (there really was a writer named Bruno Schulz). It’s kind of a bit ‘Being John Malkovich’, but I think more twisted (I don’t know, I can’t really remember that movie).
  • A PRIZE-WINNERThe Periodic Table by Primo Levi. I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t know if this one really counts, but also I don’t care because Primo Levi’s books should win all of the prizes. The Periodic Table was named the Best Science Book Ever by The Royal Institution of Great Britain. I think being named the Best Science Book Ever is a pretty big deal, and therefore worthy of being counted for Book Bingo.

So I’m not really that much closer to getting a bingo. When I do get bingo, I think it’ll be the centre row. I have lots of books set in Australia so all I need is a book set in Norway which is the place I want to visit (I want to go to this place one day – call me crazy) and I’ll have bingo!

Also, I’m off on my holiday tomorrow (yay!). I have a couple of reviews scheduled but there won’t be a whole lot of regular activity on here unless I decide to do some blogging about my holiday while I’m away.
I ended up having to pick my holiday read out of a hat, as the results of my poll ended up in a tie between two books. The final winner was When There’s Nowhere Else to Run by Murray Middleton, which is good because secretly that’s the one I wanted to read the most of the two.

Are you doing Book Bingo? Close to getting a bingo?



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