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From My Holiday – Searching for Quasimodo

On my very last morning in Paris, I woke up feeling sad that I had to leave but happy that in a few short hours I’d be on the Eurostar to London. But before I left I had one more VERY important thing to do – visit Notre Dame Cathedral. So after a hurried breakfast I made my way
down to the Seine and over to the Cathedral. If you’re ever in Paris I can highly recommend staying at the Hotel Abbatial in Saint-Germain – the Seine is roughly a 5 minute walk and all of the other major attractions are no more than a 45 minute walk away. And in my opinion, walking really is the best way to see the city.

Although I visited Notre Dame on my last trip to Paris, I really wanted to go again as it’s so magnificent. It’s probably one of my most favourite places I’ve ever been to. Last time I was there I lined up at the entrance with all the other tourists, had a walk through and then left. But on this visit I took the time to have a proper look at the outside too, including the lovely garden on the opposite side of the entrance. I got there early too when the first lot of tour groups were only just starting to arrive, so there was no line to get in and once inside it was super quiet and not at all crowded. So if you want a peaceful visit, get there early.

I lit a candle while I was there and although I’m not a religious person, it’s difficult not to feel a little moved when walking through this place. I even took the time to just sit quietly for 15 minutes and take in my surroundings, almost in complete silence. It was nice to just sit and think for a while. It’s incredible to think that such an amazing feat of architecture was built without the use of today’s modern technology. From the floor to the ceiling to the stained-glass in between, everything about this place is breathtaking. It’s not difficult to see why Victor Hugo gave it a central role in The Hunchback of Notre Dame – the place is a character unto itself. Alas, Quasimodo was nowhere to be found.

I managed to drag myself out of the cathedral and back to my hotel where I did some last minute packing. Then I checked out, walked down the road to the metro station and made my way to Gare du Nord, where I boarded the Eurostar to London.


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  2. Such gorgeous pictures here, Heather! And I’m always amazed by the mere existence of cathedrals, too, for the same reason you mentioned — that they were constructed so beautifully without modern technology. Blows me away every time.


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  4. Dear Heather, thank you for your magnificent tour of my home. I am in total admiration how you visited Paris, the only way to do it, not in arranged groups or such.
    I have to confess I have never been on Eurostar, somehow the thought of traveling under the channel….well.
    I made a note of the hotel, it is high time I plan a trip, maybe in 2 years. My family moved to Monaco some time ago, and my grand-parents passed away. Like many families, arguments over this or that separated the younger generation from each other. So I will be by myself, and perhaps will see Paris with new eyes, I was so young.
    A pleasant week to you, Heather 🙂


    • Hi Sylvie! Thank YOU for joining my on my tour – albeit in cyberspace 🙂
      I really did have a great time. Traveling alone definitely has its perks. Even if you don’t have someone to discuss things with at the end of the day, it’s nice to be able to do things when you want and not have to worry about anyone else.

      This was the second time I’d stayed at this particular hotel. It’s very small and I suppose a little expensive for the size, but it was nice and I was happy to pay a little bit extra for such a great location. The Pantheon was less than a half hour walk away, Notre Dame about 10-15mins and a walk to the Louvre was just under an hour. I was lucky enough to have perfect weather while I was there so strolling through the city was almost as fun as the destinations.

      The Eurostar was the best. A lot of it is spent traveling through the French countryside which was lovely. The part under the tunnel wasn’t great for sightseeing, but it was over quite quickly. You should really try it.

      I hope you get back to Paris one day. I’m already planning my next trip back there.


  5. I’m so jealous that you’ve been to Paris MULTIPLE times! I’ve been once, and the day I spent venturing over to the Quartier Latin, near the Notre Dame, it was Easter Sunday, so the Cathedrale was PACKED. Sadly, I didn’t get to go inside. If I’m ever lucky enough to go back to France, Notre Dame will be up there on my list!


    • I’ve only been twice, so it’s not really something to brag about. And the first time I went was super quick and I didn’t get to see much anyway. But if you ever get the chance to go to Notre Dame again you should definitely take the time to go inside. It’s quite peaceful if you get there early.
      I don’t usually like revisiting places I’ve been to, but Notre Dame is definitely an exception.


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