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Teaser Tuesday – ‘The Portable Veblen’

The Portable VeblenTeaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by A Daily Rhythm. Anyone can play along! All you have to do is grab the book you’re currently reading, open to a random page and share two sentences from that page. But make sure you don’t share any spoilers!

This week I’ve been reading The Portable Veblen by Elizabeth McKenzie. I got this one on NetGalley a little while ago and really it was the cover that I loved most about it – look how cute that squirrel is.

I’ve found it a bit slow to get going, although this morning it turned a corner and the pace of it has picked up a little, so I enjoyed this morning’s reading session. Hopefully it gets even better as I move towards the end. Now, here are the sentences:

“It was so much work, getting along! She felt deflated, a balloon skin on the ground.”

What are you reading this week?



    • I finished reading it yesterday and I’m not sure I enjoyed it that much in the end. It had some good moments but overall I found it a bit hard to get through.


    • You’re making me want to reread this so bad. I have so many books to read though, so I think I’ll definitely investigate a screen adaptation for some weekend viewing.

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      • Haha–didn’t you just do a Station Eleven review? That’s what I’ve got on my stack. Try the Fassbender version–newest and fairly decent


        • Hmm. I think you have me confused with someone else. I unfortunately haven’t even read Station Eleven (but I really want to). I think I will try the Fassbender version – I really like him, purely for his acting skills of course.

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