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Teaser Tuesday – ‘The Night Manager’

9780141393018Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by A Daily Rhythm. Anyone can play along! All you have to do is grab the book you’re currently reading, open to a random page and share two sentences from that page. But make sure you don’t share any spoilers!

I did a Teaser Tuesday for this book when I read it last year, so I don’t really need to do another one for it. But I’m doing one anyway because I love this book so much and I want to force gently encourage as many people as possible to read it.

The BBC adaptation is FINALLY hitting Aussie tv screens this coming Sunday and I’m incredibly excited for it. I worry that I’m too excited and it won’t live up to my expectations, but based on the reviews so far, I think I’ll be ok. If you want to read my Teaser Tuesday post from last year you can go here, and my review of the book is here. Anyway, here are the teaser sentences.

“But tonight is not the normal way, tonight is Roper’s night, it is Sophie’s night, and Sophie in some bizarre way is played for us tonight by Roper’s woman, whose name to everyone but Roper turns out not to be Jeds, but Jed – Mr Onslow Roper likes to multiply his assets. The snow is still falling and the worst man in the world is drawn towards it like a man who is contemplating his childhood in the dancing flakes.”

What are you reading at the moment? Feel free to share some sentences in the comments section.


    • You definitely should give it a go when you get a chance. From what I can tell (without having seen it yet) the show seems to be a bit sexier – the book is very…subtle (I think I used that word in my review of it). It’s definitely a slow burn. I love it to pieces.

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