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The round up // March 2016

I’m a couple of days late with my round up post for March. I have no other excuse than I was lazy and didn’t want to write it, but I’m sure you guys haven’t lost any sleep over it!

Some reading highlights from March:

  • Watchmen  by Alan Moore and David Gibbons. Ah I loved this so much. I just want everyone who hasn’t read it to read it. I also watched the film adaptation and it was ok until the big reveal of the bad guy’s master plan at the end – I had A LOT of issues with it. [My little review.]
  • TheNightManagerThe Night Manager by John le Carré. This was a reread for me and it was just as good, if not better, on this second reading. If you’ve been watching/have watched the BBC adaptation and haven’t read the book, you need to remedy that ASAP. We’re three episodes into the tv show here in Australia and it’s really excellent, but the book is a million times better – it’s so much more intricate and subtle and I just love it. Plus it gives a bit more background on things in the show. [My review.]
  • I read lots of Marvel comics. It was good for my soul.

I went pretty poorly with my reading challenges (all the details on those are here), except maybe for the Read Harder Challenge. Also, remember how I was reading War & Peace? Well I didn’t even touch it this month. If I can even read 50 pages of it this month I’ll be happy. I also:

  • Participated in Julianne at Outlandish Lit’s month-long Weirdathon and even though I didn’t read lots of weird books, the ones I did read were good in their own way – I read The Vegetarian, Watchmen (I’m not 100% sure that one counts, but I counted it anyway), and Crash. That last one…just, wow. It will haunt me forever. But exciting news! I won the Weirdathon Instagram challenge, which basically consisted of posting weird book covers on Instagram, with the winner being that which Julianne judged as the weirdest – you can see my prize winning photograph here.
  • Hosted my own Blogiversary Giveaway – congratulations again to the winner, Karen, and thanks to everyone who took the time to enter.

SWinchesterIn real life I muddled my way through my uni work (what am I even studying?), begrudgingly began packing up my things to move house (I’ve packed up my TBR Towers and my room feels so empty and sad) and just generally floated from day to day. One exciting thing that did happen was going to see Simon Winchester, the author of one of my favourite books, The Surgeon of Crowthorne, talk about his new book, Pacific, which is kind of like a biography of the Pacific Ocean. He was so great to listen to and I got a copy of his new book AND my copy of The Surgeon of Crowthorne signed afterwards. He commented on the post-it flags hanging out of my copy of Surgeon, saying they looked “ominous” and I was so nervous I didn’t know what to say, so I just laughed. I am so uncool.

Anyway. What am I reading in April? That’s a great question that I don’t really know the answer to. At the moment I’m reading Mr Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt and I LOVE IT. It got super weird today and it was amazing. I have a bunch of ARCs I have to read that I’m really behind on, so I think they’ll take up most of my time this month.

Did you read anything good in March? Any big plans for April?


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  2. Deepika Ramesh says

    I loved this phrase, Heather — “…comics are good for your soul.” I haven’t read a lot of comics. Now that I have read that beautiful line in your blog, I am reminding myself to get to one soon. Thank you. 🙂

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  3. THE NIGHT MANAGER SERIES OH I CANNOT WAIT. I love everyone who’s in that series, and I’ve heard such wonderful things about it. Absolutely cannot wait for it to hit American airwaves.


    • It’s been so amazing so far. I made my housemate watch it (he didn’t really want to) and now he loves it too – he makes sure I record it every week in case he isn’t home.


  4. I loved watching everyone participate in Julianne’s Weirdathon…didn’t participate b/c my reading taste really isn’t all that weird, but liked being a spectator nonetheless!


    • I don’t read a lot of weird books either, but it’s nice to read outside the box sometimes. I think my favourite thing about reading the occasional weird book, is the way they say important things – the book I’m reading at the moment is pretty weird, but has an interesting way of commenting on pregnancy and motherhood, religion, and social media. I’ve read about that stuff before, but not in this way.


  5. I have Pacific but haven’t started it yet. That is super cool you were able to meet the Author and get your books signed. That is always so special, isn’t it?


    • This is the first time I’ve ever actually met the author of a book I love – he was so nice, which made me happy that I like his book so much! It was definitely very special! I hope you like Pacific when you get to it 🙂


  6. I hope April is a better reading month for you. I really want to read Mr. Splitfoot, but I’m currently on a book-buying ban because I need to read the books I already own.


  7. Oh my goodness I’m watching The Night Manager AND IT IS AMAZING. Or Hiddleston is amazing, could be either one. I’m an episode behind you at the moment and I’m dying to sit down and watch the third one the moment I get a free second. I really want to read all his books now because they look so pretty and matching in your photo!


    • You really should read them – they’re proper Cold War spy stuff (if that’s your thing). The George Smiley novels are amazing, but there’s some of them that take a couple of readings until they can be fully appreciated. SO MANY LAYERS.
      And yes, Hiddleston is quite good, but the standout for me has been Tom Hollander as Corky – he’s especially good in the episode that just aired.

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        • If you haven’t read it, I’d probably start with ‘The Night Manager’, otherwise the first George Smiley book, ‘Call for the Dead’, is really good and is nice and short. It’s le Carre’s first novel as well and is a good sampler of what to expect in his later work. I’m really biased towards him, so I apologise in advance if he isn’t your cup of tea 🙂

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