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Reading Challenge Update // May 2016

It’s time for another update on the three reading challenges I’m participating in this year (I first wrote about them here if you’re interested). All of the books basically fall under the #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks challenge, but for the sake of tracking eBooks and physical books, I’m keeping them

This month was fairly mediocre for the challenges. Aside from getting another three eBooks read, I crashed and burned (again) in the Read My Own Damn Books challenge, and only crossed off one task in the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. And in other news, because I like to continually feel like a failure in my reading challenges, I’m going to be doing Book Bingo again (hosted by Books on the Nightstand). I failed at it last year, but I’m determined to fail less badly this year (haha). My bingo square is at the bottom of this post.

The ‘Clean Your Reader’ Challenge

This challenge is officially over and my total for it was 10 eBooks read, but I’m going to continue to keep track of my eBooks read separate from the physical ones. This month I got rid of another three ARCs from my iPad:


I don’t even know why I’m bothering with this anymore. I didn’t read ANY of my own books (purchased before December 31st, 2015) and purchased a whole bunch of new ones. This challenge has just been disastrous.

So far I’ve read 5 of my own damn books.

The “Read Harder” Challenge

Just the one task crossed off this month:

Number of tasks completed so far: 12/24

Book Bingo


It’s not too late to sign up for these challenges! Click on the links below to join in:

Read Harder
Book Bingo

How are you going with your reading challenges?



  1. Wow! So many challenges, I’m impressed. And as for the #readmyowndamnbooks, the struggle is real. So don’t be too hard on yourself.
    Here is a link to my May wrap up


  2. I’m actually publishing an update tomorrow regarding my reading challenges.

    I must admit, I never finished the last bingo card I made 😦


  3. I continue to be challenged by my challenges, hahaha. So far this year, I’ve read about 1.5 of my own books per month. Needless to say, I had hoped for more.


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