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Reading Challenge Update // June 2016

It’s time for another update on the reading challenges I’m participating in this year (I first wrote about them here if you’re interested). All of the books basically fall under the Read My Own Damn Books challenge, but for the sake of tracking eBooks and physical books, I’m keeping them

This month was fairly mediocre for the challenges. I only got one eBook read, I crashed and burned (again) in the Read My Own Damn Books challenge, and only crossed off no tasks in the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. But I did ok with Book Bingo, marking off four squares.

The ‘Clean Your Reader’ Challenge

This challenge is officially over and my total for it was 10 eBooks read, but I’m going to continue to keep track of my eBooks read separate from the physical ones. This month I got rid of just the one eBook from my iPad (I also added three from publishers but we won’t go into too much detail on that:



I read none of my own damn books, I borrowed one from the library, bought one, and was given three for my birthday. I’m not sure why I continue posting about this challenge.

So far I’ve read 5 of my own damn books.

The “Read Harder” Challenge

Also a failure. I crossed off zero tasks this month.

Number of tasks completed so far: 12/24

Book Bingo

This one was a bit of a success. I managed to mark off four squares (you can see my bingo square here):

It’s not too late to sign up for these challenges! Click on the links below to join in:

Read Harder
Book Bingo

How are you going with your reading challenges?



    • If my failure has made someone feel better then I’m ok!
      But I’m making a comeback – I’ve already got one of my own books read this month. Which is amazing considering how terribly I’ve been going. But I went to the library today so…

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  1. Glad you found some to fit your Bingo! It looks like you’re still on track for Read Harder, too. I ended up chickening out on the Bingo – I’m just terrible at challenges.


  2. I never participate in challenges because I pick up books at a whim and I cant do that if I do. Good luck for your challenges. Reading your own books! Now that is one challnge which is the hardest


  3. I’m ahead of schedule but I’m only doing one challenge for the year; OK, maybe two if you want to pick at it.


  4. Can any of your BR tasks double for bingo squares or Read My Own Damn Books?

    Don’t beat yourself up too much – as long as you’re enjoying your reading, that’s all that really matters. 🙂


    • Unfortunately none of this month’s books counted for more than one challenge. ‘Before the Fall’ could technically count towards read my own damn books, but I’m only counting physical books for that. But I hope to finish War and Peace this month (hope being the operative word) so that’ll be one of my own damn books done. I’ve only got four more galleys from publishers to read and they aren’t due for publishing for a couple of months yet, so July will be devoted purely to paper.
      But seeing all those little post-it flags on unread books is a huge motivator.


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