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2016 Mid-year reading stats

Since the calendar flipped over to January 1, 2016, I’ve been keeping track of all my books read in an Excel spreadsheet. This has been more fun than I’d care to admit. It’s also been very informative as I’ve been making notes of a bunch of stats to get a physical picture of what I read. So I’ve taken all the stats I’ve gathered over the last six months and made a chart using Piktochart (which is only the most fun thing ever).
What my chart tells me is that I like to read books by men who are mostly from countries that are primarily English speaking. To be honest I’m not surprised by this, as when I think about the books that I’m most drawn to as a reader and what seems to end up in my hands, they are usually books written by English speaking males. It’s not a choice I go out of my way to make, it’s just the way it ends up. I’d like there to be a bit more variety in these stats, but I likes what I likes!
Seeing my reading in numbers (which could be further broken down in a million and one ways – what I’ve done is super basic and is by no means perfect) is not so much eye-opening as it is a confirmation of what I already knew. But having a visual representation will maybe encourage me to widen my reading further. Will it happen this year? Probably not, because I’m (meant to be) reading the books I already have, but in the new year I have something to work towards. Even if it’s not a complete flipping of the stats, a little change would be nice to see.
I read stacks of single issue comics this year, but I haven’t included them in my stats. I had been including them on my spreadsheet, but it got really annoying after a while as there were so many of them. So the below is based on novels and those I’ve categorised as graphic novels.
2016ReadingStats to June30


  1. Sarah's Book Shelves says

    Isn’t Picktochart the best?! I love your book graphic for format! And It’s so illuminating to see your reading in stats form.


    • I’m pretty much in love with it – it’s good for making header images for posts as well. I like that there’s so many different fonts. And it’s so easy to use as well, I’m usually terrible with these things.
      I think I may have discovered it through your blog actually – did you use it to do a reading stats thing at the end of last year? If so, thanks!


  2. So this makes me want to grab all my Goodreads data and format it so I can make a pretty chart like this. I *love* this graphic, and I also love that you already knew what it would tell you. I think that being aware of your own habits is the first step on the road to changing them. I think your reason for sticking with it this year is valid, what with your TBR towers/pretty new TBR shelves to conquer, but I’m excited to see how you switch things up next year!


    • You should make a graphic! It’s so fun and an excellent way to waste time.

      Hopefully I can switch things up next year – I have loads of books to get through, many of them by white English speaking men.
      But going into next year I’ll definitely be making a conscious effort to read outside what I normally would.


  3. I love your graphs. I’m also tracking stats for my reading, but I probably won’t have time to make graphs until the end of the year. It’s always interesting to see my reading broken down into categories.


    • I probably spent more time on this than I needed and I nearly wasn’t going to a mid-year one, but I thought it’d be interesting to compare this one to another at the end of the year.
      It’s interesting to see my reading habits laid out like this – hopefully it’ll make it easier to change them a little bit!


    • I can highly recommend wasting time on Pictochart. You could use it to make just about anything – I can 100% guarantee you’d find a way to use it for your students.

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