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Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts // 26 August, 2016

‘Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts’ is hosted by Christine at Bookishly Boisterous – go say hi!

1. This is my first Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts post. I’m excited by this and hopeful that it will be an ongoing thing.

2. This week, ‘The Durrells‘ started on tv here in Australia. I already love it. I 100% have a crush on the character Theo, who is played by Yorgos Karamihos.

3. Speaking of crushes, my first screen crush, Tom Burlinson, is now a singer (he’s got a real Sinatra thing happening) and is doing a show at a venue down the street from my work. He’s literally old enough to be my father, but I’m excited nonetheless.

4. I finally got my hands on a tin of these lemon curd biscuits. They were outrageously priced, but worth every cent (even if they do work out to be $1.37/biscuit).

5. I spent many minutes perusing my favourite stationery website. If you too happen to peruse that website, check out the space pen I purchased. I don’t need it now, but you never know when I’ll need to write upside down or underwater (does the ink run?) or in space.

6. I recently rekindled my love for Words With Friends. I’d forgotten how fun it is to beat people to a wordy pulp, and occasionally be put in my place by people better than me then seek revenge upon them. If you have an account, let’s not play together because I’d like to stay friends.

7. I’ve been having a delightful time watching ‘The Gilmore Girls’ from season one on Netflix and spotting celebrities before they were properly famous. I saw Jon Hamm the other day.

8. I’m trying to pick a couch for my new house. I can’t decide between this one, this one, or this one (opinions are welcome on this subject). Oh, and then I have to decide on the fabric. It’s interior decorating hell.

9. I sort of started my translation project last weekend. So far my favourite new French word is ‘écrivain’; that’s ‘writer’ in English.

10. I won a copy of this book by declaring my love for this painting, which hangs in London’s National Gallery. It’s not the most beautiful painting in the world, but I like the reason for why it might have been painted (as a love token). And it won me a book, so it’ll always be beautiful to me.

11. A small Spanish press is cloning (yes, CLONING) the Voynich Manuscript. I wants it. But I also want to be able to eat (it’s selling for around €8000).

12. Thank goodness for sisters.




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  2. How did I not know about this post theme before? Usually all I have the energy to do is write down random factoids, so this would be perfect for me. I may have to find out when it runs (weekly? monthly?) and try it out!

    Those biscuits look so wonderful. Also, after spending a lot of time watching The Great British Bake-off, I’ve decided I much prefer the word biscuit to cookie. This may or may not have to do with the fact that I refer to Maude as a biscuit on the regular.

    I hope you and your sister get to go on an adventure together! 🙂


    • It’s probably my most favourite meme now. All week I’ve just been putting little snippets and links into a post and it’s been so much fun. I can’t believe how much random stuff I want to share. It runs weekly and I’m pretty sure Christine posts at around about this time on your Wednesday.
      I have an update on the sister adventure, it’s in my next Bookish and not so bookish post for tomorrow. (Spoiler: I WON! But wait til you see who I get to meet. eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!).

      So. I am on board with you using biscuit instead of cookie, but don’t you guys call scones biscuits? Or is that a different thing entirely?


        • Your description of a biscuit and that picture is pretty much a scone for us. But in American movies they’re always used for dipping in gravy and stuff – is that what you eat them with? They look so much like scones, but I’m guessing they’re made with savoury ingredients (so no sugar)?

          The trick with scones is not to overwork the dough – they should be airy and kinda fluffy in the middle, but if you overwork the dough they come out like rocks. You should combine the ingredients until they’re just combined – and don’t use your hands to combine, use a knife. This is the scone recipe I use. I have a 100% record of success with them.


  3. 2. I’ve taped The Durrells – I’m going to enjoy it thoroughly, I just know it.
    3. Takes me back to the eighties. But seriously, The Man from Snowy River was such a good film at the time.
    5. You can never have too much stationery. I have indulged in a stationery subscription box – – and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to open the box each month.
    8. The Olsen, hands down.


    • The worst decision I’ve made today was clicking on the Papergang link. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Considering it comes from overseas, those shipping costs are extremely reasonable. Maybe I’ll get one just to, you know, test it. I looked at some of the past boxes – is it mostly cards and stuff usually?

      I didn’t end up getting any of the couches I was deciding between. The Olsen was probably the frontrunner as the legs matched the dining set I planned on getting, but I couldn’t find it instore to sit in. It came down to the York and a random one I spotted called Ruby (here After the ten thousandth time walking to opposite sides of the shop to decide which one was more comfy, I noticed a piece of paper on the ground for the Ruby, announcing that it was floorstock they wanted to sell and discounted by $150! So I ended up getting it for $350 instead of $599 – and it was in one of the colours I liked so I didn’t need to make a decision on that. And it’s very comfy and sinky – perfect for reading in.


    • I ended up getting none of these! I found another one I liked and they had floor stock they were trying to get rid of. It happened to be in a colour I liked so I bought it – $150 discount and not a thing wrong with it.


    • Yep I definitely relate with Rory more than Lorelai. But I also feel like I’m a bit of a Michel – he says all of the things I’d want to say in certain situations, but would never actually do so.


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