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The round up // August 2016

I’m starting to feel like a broken record with all this, “I can’t believe it’s [insert month here] tomorrow”, because I’ve been saying it every month for the last three months (at least) and I still can’t understand how the year is going by so quickly. But on Thursday it’ll be September. In my opinion, it should only just be coming into June or something, but the calendar will have its way.

August was pretty ok. I finally have a phone line installed (which I discussed a little bit here and how not having one has seen me somehow translating a book from French to English for “fun”), which means there’s a very real chance I’ll have the internet at my house before the end of the year. I’m really thrilled by this:

Some reading things from August:

  • I read some pretty great books this month, including Rush Oh! by Shirley Barrett (probably my favourite book this month); my first Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye; a hilarious debut called The Gentleman (my review) by Forrest Leo; and some super interesting science from Lydia Pyne called Seven Skeletons. Oh, and I read The Cursed Child and really liked it.
  • BookabuyWhen I got my tax refund in July, I signed up for a subscription to Bookabuy (they had a discount so it seemed like the right thing to do), so now I get a new book that I don’t need delivered right to me every month. I got my first book in August and I’m really happy with it (I know you’ll be shocked to hear I haven’t read it yet). Also, look at these delightful new shoes I got as well (if you want them too you can get them here); I’ve pretty much been living in them since I got them – they are stupidly comfortable and I need another pair.
  • And kind of reading but not, I saw the film adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s High Rise this month – it was outstanding and exactly as weird as I’d hoped it would be (with an absolutely killer soundtrack). If you’re thinking of seeing it (if you haven’t already), I’d recommend having some weird Ballard under your belt before you do. It doesn’t have to be High Rise – I haven’t read it and it didn’t effect my viewing of the film – but just something weird so you have an idea of what to expect. The only one I can really recommend is Crash (which I wrote about briefly here), but I know there are tonnes of others you could check out.

MuseumofModernLoveThe first two weeks of September will have me on leave from work (yay!) and having a good block of time to get my house properly sorted after moving in all the way back in June (not so yay); but mostly I’ll be relishing not having to be at work. Of course there will be reading time in this two weeks. I’ve got some NetGalley ARCs to get through; War & Peace to continue; I won a copy of The Museum of Modern Love last week, so I’m excited to read that; and I’d really like to read my Bookabuy book before the next one arrives. AND JOHN LE CARRÉ’S MEMOIR IS RELEASED ON SEPTEMBER 14TH. Naturally I’ve already preordered my copy and will be collecting it on my first day back from leave (it’ll make having to be back at work less crappy).

Did you read anything good in August? Any big plans for September?


  1. Oh goodness, your excitement about Bookabuy (and bang-on description about books you don’t need) has me itching to try out the Book of the Month club here in the States. I’m not sure why it sounds more exciting than just going to buy a book of my choice at a store (or, heck, to keep it really in theme, having it delivered to me via Amazon or some such), but there’s something so alluring about it. We’ll see!

    I’m glad you got in lots of good reading and translating this month, and YAY for time off from work! Does it start tomorrow (today)? If so, happy leave! Enjoy the heck out of it.


    • I’d love to do BOTM – but they only ship within the U.S. I’m so glad we have our own subscription here now, especially as I won’t have to pay a fortune in shipping from overseas.
      BOTM is such a good deal – I especially like how you can postpone for a month if none of the books take your fancy. (I’ll stop trying to sell it to you now.)

      My leave starts tomorrow afternoon (your Thursday). I can’t wait. I’ve been really needing time off since June when I had my move and loads of uni assessments and loads of work stuff. I think it fried my brain; I’ve just been in a fog the last couple of months. I can’t wait to spend some time on my new couch reading!


  2. I keep thinking the same thing every month, too – August went by SO FAST. I’ve heard great things about Rush Oh from so many people – need to get that one on the library list.


    • I think you’d really like Rush Oh! It was just so delightful. It’s one of those books that you just love without really being able to give a definite reason as to why you love it.


  3. Sarah's Book Shelves says

    A book subscription package is obviously a great way to spend your tax refund!!


  4. Is it weird that I saw those shoes and immediately knew they were from Modcloth? I love that place!

    I read a lot of great books this month, but I think my favorites were Dark Matter by Blake Crouch and Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.


    • Modcloth does have a certain vibe about it! I seriously need another pair of these – and there’s some similar ones in black and white, so I might need to have those too.
      Heaps of people have been reading The Song of Achilles over the last few months. I don’t think I saw so many people writing about it when it first came out, and now it’s all over the place!

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      • I think that’s why I finally picked it up! It’s been sitting on my shelf for months, I’ve been seeing it everywhere recently, and in the last two weeks, TWO people have personally told me to read it. It was worth it!


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