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Reading Challenge Update // August 2016

It’s time for another update on the reading challenges I’m participating in this year (I first wrote about them here if you’re interested). All of the books basically fall under the Read My Own DamnBooks challenge, but for the sake of tracking eBooks and physical books, I’m keeping them separate.

The ‘Clean Your Reader’ Challenge

This challenge is officially over and my total for it was 10 eBooks read, but I’m going to continue to keep track of my eBooks read separate from the physical ones. This month I read some eBooks, but they were new ones from NetGalley, so I guess I need to stay away from that website (hahaha as if).


A sign that the end of days is truly nigh, is that this is the second month in a row that I’ve read one of my own damn books. Actually, I read TWO of my own damn books. Whaaaat?

So far I’ve read 8 of my own damn books.

The “Read Harder” Challenge

After two months of crossing off zero tasks for this challenge, I finally got one this month:

Number of tasks completed so far: 13/24

Book Bingo

I got a bingo! This happened on August 8th, when I finished reading Rush Oh! I’m still marking off squares though, just in case I can completely fill my bingo card. Won’t that be thrilling?

  • Humour or satire: The Gentleman by Forrest Leo
  • BINGO!! Set in Australia/Oceania: Rush Oh! by Shirley Barrett
  • A Booker Prize Winner (or made the short list): Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood

How are you going with your reading challenges?


  1. Congrats on reading some of your own damn books! I have so many books at home that I need to read, but the library keeps distracting me (I work in a library which makes it worse because I can override the maximum amount of books allowed out at one time).


  2. Who are you and what are you doing reading all of Heather’s own damned books? 😉

    In all seriousness, congrats! It must feel great to be whittling down your TBR towers. I think my progress on my own damned books is going to drop to zero, now that I can check out about 50 books total (physical and ebook) and place holds on 25 at a time from the library.


    • I’m fairly certain I’ve been body snatched, and this Heather isn’t the real one and she doesn’t know it.

      That’s amazing how many books you can borrow/hold! My library charges $2.50 for a hold (which is annoying, but also kind of a blessing because I’m cheap and refuse to pay that to hold a book) and you can only put a book on hold if it isn’t on the shelf. So, basically if a book I want is showing as being on the shelf, I have to hope it’s still there when I go to the library on my lunch break. I can only hold books that are currently out, or that are new and not in yet.

      You should make it a rule that you read at least one of your own books a month – at least that’s a guaranteed 12 a year that you’re reading. But it’s easier said than done.


      • How odd! I think you’re right that it probably deters frivolous hold habits, but still. It just seems far too harsh to this library devotee.

        And ooh, I like this rule! Maybe I can play a sort of game where I grab up a book from one moving box each month… though now I’m imagining living with eight boxes of books for eight months and like this idea less.


        • That’s just what I was going to do when I moved house! I unpacked and shelved all the books I’d read and had grand plans of working my way through the boxes of unread ones, but then I just got excited and wanted to be able to look at them all. And the boxes were taking up lots of space.

          Having said that, it might have encouraged me to read more of my unread books in order to get rid of the boxes. Oh well.


  3. I’ve finished two challenges (AWW and Foodies Read) and have read 40 of My Own Damn Books, so I’m constantly patting myself on the back over that, obvs 😉

    Glad you got your Bingo with such a fabulous book 🙂


    • 40?? That’s incredible – I’d be lucky if I’ve read that many of my own books in the last two years. The Foodies Read sounds like something I need to participate in.

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      • I’ve had a book buying ban this year which is why I’ve read so many of my own. I’ll probably do it again next year – my TBR stack is still stupid.

        I’ve done Foodies Read for a few years but it will probably be my last – feel like I’ve exhausted all the suitable titles in my collection.


        • I’ve been on a book buying ban as well, but I’ve still struggled to read any of my own books.
          I started off ok, but haven’t done so well in recent months – the Writer’s Festival was the end of me.

          I just checked out Foodies Read and it sounds fun, but if you don’t have a lot of food-centric books you’d have to go out looking for a bunch.

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        • Have you been borrowing from the library?? I’ve largely avoided that this year (so in forced to read from what I have). I’ve also limited the number of ARCs I’ve requested – I aim to finish the year with fewer books than I started with!


        • I’ve borrowed maybe six books from the library this year, which is way more than I’ve borrowed in recent years. But I’ve bought a few books that I shouldn’t have (you know, being on a ban and all) and I’ve been getting a few books of NetGalley as well. NetGalley has probably been the killer. I had loads of ARCs at the start of the year and I plowed through those with the intention of getting rid of them all, but I’ve been requesting a few more here and there. I haven’t been going crazy or anything, but I still have enough of them for me to have to prioritise those over my own books. I think I’m down to six now, and they’ll all hopefully be read by the end of November. Then I can focus on my own books in December.


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