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Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts // 8 September, 2016

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1. I HAVE THE INTERNET AT HOME NOW AND IT IS UNLIMITED. I watched ‘Gilmore Girls’ on Netflix for four hours the other day. It was delightful.

2. In last week’s ‘Bookish and not so bookish thoughts’ post, I half jokingly announced that I’d be going to Scotland in August of 2019 to stay at The Open Book in Wigtown – a bookshop with an apartment above that you can lease AND run the bookshop while you’re there. I’m pleased to announce that this is no longer a half joking matter, and I will be staying at/running The Open Book from August 26 to September 1st, 2019. Come visit and buy a book from me.

3. ThePassageI met Justin Cronin last Friday night after winning a competition and it was exactly as awesome as I expected. The whole thing got off to a bit of a panic as the train my sister and I were catching to the city was delayed, so we got in about 10 minutes later than I wanted, so I was worried we’d be late to the event. But we got there in plenty of time and it was good we were delayed because The Man Himself got to the building at the same time and after introducing ourselves we got to ride up in the lift with him. He read a chapter from The City of Mirrors, then had question time and I was brave enough to ask my question first (for the record, the ending he wrote is the one he planned and he actually liked the ending himself). Then he did a book signing and we got to chat to him for ages about books in general, book to screen adaptations, and a bunch of other stuff. It was so great.

4. In a book I was reading this week, there was mention of a ‘Rain Room’ at a museum in Cairo that has forty different types of rain, so people who may have gone their entire lives without experiencing rain might be able to do so. The book was fiction, but based on some fact, so I had hoped the Rain Room was real, but I can’t find anything about it. If anyone has ever heard of this, please send me a link!

5. Shaina (from Shaina Reads) shared this link with me on Twitter during the week, about how Australia only does loads of research on cute animals. I have to say I’d agree with that, except for when people have deemed them a nuisance (like hordes of bats coming in a hanging out in trees in residential areas).

6. Australia is going to be leading the world’s first ever all female expedition to Antarctica (AKA The Continent of my Dreams). If I’d known about this earlier I would have applied to be a lady’s maid or something so I could go (are lady’s maids still a thing??).

7. My opinion of the new iPhone is WHY WOULD YOU GET RID OF THE HEADPHONE JACK? I get all Hulk-like when the cord of my earphones gets tangled, imagine the destruction if I couldn’t find my earphones at all? Just the dumbest idea ever.

8.img_1280 My new couch arrived on Tuesday – I’ve spent a lot of time wearing it in over the last couple of days. I’m happy to report it is very comfortable for reading (I went with this one in the pepper tweed).

9. There’s been a cat hanging around my house the last few days and it doesn’t have a collar, so I think it might be a stray. My mum said I shouldn’t encourage it to hang around, but I really want a cat and I’m not allowed to have pets (small birds don’t count as pets in the eyes of real estates/owners, which I find quite offensive, but anyway). But if I encourage it to hang around, I can have a cat without having a cat. Yes/no?



  1. Yay for unlimited internet! Is that the new Gilmore Girls? How does it measure up?

    Great news regarding Scotland. Keep us posted. And happy to hear about your meet with Justin Cronin.

    As for the cat, I’d check with your neighbours to see if its theirs. I know sometimes I’ve seen cats around without collars and it turned out they were beloved pets, just didn’t have a collar yet. You want to make sure you’re not unintentionally luring someone’s cat because it might jilt them completely for you.


    • Nope – I’m still working my way through the original series. I never got to watch the whole thing the first time around, so I’m playing catch up before the new one starts. I started season 7 last night, so I’m nearly done!


  2. Dave Quayle says

    What was the book with the rain museum? A lovely idea. Is the rest of it anywhere near as good?


    • It’s called ‘The Museum of Modern Love‘ by Heather Rose. I really loved the book (I gave it five stars on Goodreads, if that helps) – the rain room was mentioned just in passing and was only over one sentence, but I thought it was such a lovely idea too. I really hope it’s a real thing.
      The book was an advanced copy and I know it’s out in Australia some time this month, but I’m not sure when t’s out everywhere else.


  3. The headphones Jack thing annoys me mainly because I haven’t been able to get a lightening cable to last more than six months without breaking. Would this mean I have to buy new headphones all the time?

    Also. Definitely encourage cats to become pets without having a pet. Although. That one looks like an angry panther so maybe be careful!


    • Haha – it does look a bit like an angry panther. I’ll just speak sweetly to it for a while and see how things go.

      That would be annoying if you had to buy new headphones all the time. How are the cables breaking? Is it a fault or something? I know a while back they did a recall on faulty chargers that were produced within a certain time frame. You just went online and checked the model, then I think you’d be able to take it in to get it exchanged. I’m not sure if they’re still doing it though.


      • The bit between the connector and the wire breaks very easily. It’s not the charger and I’ve tried multiple brands of cable but it always happens eventually.


  4. 2. That is so exciting! The more I think about different people running a bookshop, the more I think it’s the BEST idea – the customers would get book recs from all different kinds of readers. with different interests.

    4. Magical idea.

    7. I won’t be getting a 7 but my first thought was “So I wouldn’t be able to charge my phone and listen to my books in the car at the same time?!

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    • I can’t wait for Wigtown! I’ve been reading the Tumblr blog that people are encouraged to write on during their stay and everyone just has the best time. The last couple who went there were from Istanbul and brought a bunch of books by Turkish authors with them and set up a table in the shop of just Turkish books (with a plate of real Turkish Delight to accompany them). They also had a Turkish author come in and do a reading which I thought was really lovely.
      And there’s a local lady named Nanette who likes to come in to meet the latest residents and she brings homemade shortbread with her as a welcome gift. It just all sounds so delightful and charming. I’m just so excited for it.

      Apparently Belkin have made an adaptor that plugs into the new iPhone and it has dual lightning ports, so you can charge and listen to books/music at the same time. But you have to buy it separate to the iPhone, which is kind of crap. I mean, you can’t take away that functionality that’s currently free, then tell people, “Hey, we’ve made it so you can do this thing, but you’re going to have to pay $60 for it”. I got the iPhone SE earlier this year and love it (because I have tiny hands and those huge phones just don’t work for me) so I definitely won’t be getting a 7.
      What annoys me though is that there’ll probably be enough Apple geeks that’ll buy the new phone and Apple will think that the no headphone jack is acceptable and they won’t put it on subsequent models. So we’ll have to suffer forever.

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