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Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts // 16 September, 2016

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1. This tweet went viral during the week. I thought it was cool:

2. I thought that tweet was so cool, I went snooping around the tweeter’s Twitter (?) and found an article written by the person who wrote the paragraph he tweeted (that was an awful sentence and I apologise). It’s all very interesting and confirms, once again, that English language is both a delight and a nightmare.

3. I’m thinking of taking all of my John le Carré books off my bookshelf and making them into a visual point of interest of their own. Nothing fancy, just standing them all up across the top of my tv unit. BUT! I want some bookends to keep them upright. I can’t decide whether to go with these cute owl ones, or whether I should get some of those white ‘A-Z’ ones the rest of the world has. Thoughts?

4. Season 3 of ‘The Fall’ is finally starting in October here in Australia. I don’t care what else he does in his acting career, Jamie Dornan will always be a serial killer to me.

5. I can’t hear Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’, without remembering going to the bathroom in London’s Heathrow Airport as I waited for my flight back to Australia; it was playing in the airport at the time. It’s weird how music can recall a memory like that. I have since renamed the song, ‘The Heathrow Bathroom Song’.

6. Nelly hasn’t been paying his taxes and now fans are trying to #savenelly (that’s a real hashtag btw) by streaming ‘Hot in Herre’ over and over again so he gets royalties and can pay those taxes. So fans are paying Nelly’s taxes for him. I ♥ Nelly, but the guy should pay his own taxes.

7. I rated a book two stars on Goodreads this week (well, really 2.5); just about everyone else who’s rated it has given it four or five stars and I’m here like, Were we even reading the same book? It wasn’t terrible, but I had so many issues with it – can reading and reviewing lots be detrimental to our enjoyment of books?

8. This story about Russian scientists basically being stalked by a large group of polar bears for two weeks is terrifying, but a bear’s gotta eat.

9. I’ll leave you today with this video of a baby panda stuck on its back. It’s adorable, but oh my god why would you leave such a beautiful little thing flailing around like that? I don’t know about you, but I would have flipped it over instead of filming it. But also, this video is really delightful.



  1. I’ve seen your Instagram post so I know you went ahead with the John le Carre plan. It looks great 🙂

    I had the same experience with Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. I thought it was dreadful but everyone else seems to really like it. Ah, well!

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  2. I like the owls but if you’ve had the letters in mind, might be best to go with them.

    I suppose reviewing can be detrimental in that you’re potentially reading from a different perspective but the positives out-way the negatives, I’d say. You’re reading more deeply and always learning (you learn anyway but it’s a different sort).

    Saved the tweeted article for later. Totally missed it.


    • I ended up going with the owls – I just couldn’t find nice A-Z ones that weren’t too expensive. But the owls are lovely so I’m happy 🙂


  3. I saw that tweet too and was trying to remember where I’d seen that description before! I remember some time ago discovering that adjective order and trying to get other people to be as excited about it as I was. Better late than never! 😀 😀


    • I’ve never really though about adjective order – so that tweet was definitely a lightbulb moment for me (and many others apparently). But it’s nice that we can all be excited together 🙂


  4. Saw the tweet too, made me laugh hard! And saved it for future references.

    And about the book shelves… I like the A-Z ones better. The owls ones makes me think the owl is dead and splitted in half. I have dark thoughts, I guess, when choosing I always go for the simplier one.


    • I was going to go for the A-Z ones, but I couldn’t find a set I liked that wasn’t a ridiculous amount of money, so I went with the owl ones. Hopefully I don’t have too many dark thoughts when looking at them 🙂

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  5. Haha! If Tolkien had trouble figuring out why we must say “great green dragon” and not “green great dragon” I certainly can’t explain it! But I’ve always found it fascinating that we all follow these unspoken rules.


    • The English language is definitely weird. It’s no wonder people who don’t speak it as their first language find it so difficult to learn.


  6. 1. I LOVED that tweet as well and have bookmarked it for future grammar lessons for my children 🙂
    3. I am obsessed with bookends which is quite ridiculous given that my bookshelves are pretty much packed, with no room for fancy bookends! That said, I have some favourites that I make space for, particularly a set of Art Deco polar bears.
    8. I like polar bears (see above!).


    • I LOVE polar bears. I decided after you mentioned polar bear bookends that I needed some as well, but I couldn’t find any that I really liked. So I went with the owls.
      Have you ever seen one in real life? I’ve seen the ones at Sea World – I stood around watching them for about half an hour.

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      • I’ll take a pic of my polar bears and include them in a post at some stage 🙂

        I have seen polar bears but only in captivity. Would love to see one in the wild.

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