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Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts // 23 September, 2016

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1. Having had to use one quite a bit recently to assemble furniture, I wondered why the allen key is called the allen key. Some guy with the surname ‘Allen’ was the first one to patent it (but not necessarily invent it) and that’s why it’s called an allen key. This is a lesson for those who want to be famous for a thing: you don’t need to invent first, just patent first.

2. The abomination that is this truly hideous sandal/ugg boot hybrid. Hands off our ugg boots. And oh, how about some bedazzled Crocs?

3. I love interesting/relatively unknown/useless tidbits of information, so this tweet about St John’s Ambulance was right up my alley. I even went and did some further reading about it here.

4. Does anyone else hate Apple iOS 10? My phone now has more functions than I can poke a whole tree at. I especially hate the new “Raise to Wake” function, which meant that literally just picking up my phone would wake the screen. You can turn that off like this. I’m probably really late on this, but oh well.

5. My mum and I found and killed three redback spiders in my yard last weekend. I still get creeped out thinking about them. I won’t lie, I hate spiders. My ex always told me I was arachnophobic, but I think my fear of spiders is perfectly rational, thank you very much.

6. THIS IMPORTANT TWITTER NEWS. And I can confirm that it is in effect:

7. I need a go-to drink. Now taking suggestions (opinions on the Rusty Nail welcome).

8. 2016 has been a weird and sad year. This week we farewelled Brangelina, the greatest of celebrity portmanteaus.

9. I loved this Book Riot article about what it means to be human, and how that is looked at in science fiction. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while after reviewing a bunch of films about artificial intelligence, so I like that I now have a bunch of new books on the topic to investigate.

10. Some more delightful global warming news.

11. Some genuinely delightful news about the screen adaptations for Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ series. I guess it’s time for a reread.

12. Here’s a clip of a (possibly drunk or scared) Kiwi (the bird, that is, not the fruit or a person from New Zealand).



  1. Hi, I’m Naz! I found you on Resh’s blog and though I’d stop by. I’m trying to reach out to new bloggers because I can never follow enough blogs. πŸ˜€
    I am also thrilled that Twitter no longer counts Gifs in the character count. I think quoting also should not count toward the limit, but last time I checked it did. Hope I”m wrong.
    Hearing about Brangelina’s split was devastating, to be honest. Even gorgeous rich people can’t stay together forever. I’m losing faith in this whole idea of marriage. 😦


    • Hi, Naz! Sorry for the late response – I’m really bad at responding in a timely fashion πŸ™‚
      That twitter update has been so great. I love that they’ve listened to what people want, unlike some other social media platforms.
      And Brangelina…it broke my heart.


  2. >>>This is a lesson for those who want to be famous for a thing: you don’t need to invent first, just patent first.

    This was Thomas Edison’s whole entire philosophy. What a jerk that dude was.


    • Hahaha. I had no idea that was Edison’s M.O. Yes, that is jerky, but also a good example of working smarter rather than harder.


  3. Oh good lord, somebody dispose of the person who thought meddling with Uggs is okay. GAH, MY EYES. I literally had a conversation with my Mum the other day when she said, “let’s buy some Crocs for your brother”. I have never been so mortified in my life (although, to be fair, it turns out it was a school requirement for an outing – I KNOW, what were they thinking). But Crocs in fashion shows . . . pls stop.

    AND I’M VERY EXCITED ABOUT THAT GIF NEWS *uses all the gifs*

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    • I won’t lie, I did consider getting a pair of Crocs a while back – but purely for private use (I needed something comfy to wear when standing in the kitchen, baking for hours on end); I would never leave the house in them and I would never admit to owning a pair. But bedazzling them?? It just makes me shudder.

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