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Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts // 30 September, 2016

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1. I spend a lot of time thinking about my bookshelves. Currently my books are sorted alphabetically by author (then publication date if I happen to have more than one book by an author). But my dream is to have them divided into genre sections – like in a proper bookshop. If this is your dream as well, maybe you’d be interested in labelling your shelves?

2. Since it took an eternity to get the internet on at my house, I missed out on two of my uni study periods. The next one starts in December and goes across Christmas, and since I hate studying then I wasn’t going to enrol. But then I worked out during the week that if I don’t get cracking on my degree, I’ll still be studying in 2020. So I’m now gunning to finish my final before I head off to Scotland in August, 2019. That’s going to be a big year.

3. This coffee.

4. The latest season of The Bachelorette started in Australia last week and I wasn’t going to watch it but then I changed my mind. There’s a model who looks like Harry Potter but a model (he also writes poetry because of course he does). If you want a laugh, you should watch this recap of the first episode:

5. After killing three redback spiders in my yard a couple of weekends ago and imagining that all the spiders were coming to get me, last weekend there was a spider on my bed. So I’m not paranoid at all: the spiders really are coming to get me.

6. This amazing cloud formation called The Morning Glory is happening in Australia soon. It’s super rare.

7. Last Friday, September 23rd, marked 7 years since a huge dust storm hit Sydney, turning the city and much of the state of New South Wales red. There are some spectacular photos here.

8. More of that thing I love – news in the world of human evolution. “Startling new research from a multi-university study in Europe not only confirms Aborigines and Papua New Guineans are linked to the oldest peoples in the world but most carry genetic traces of a new mystery early human.” Yep, there’s a mystery early human. I’m so excited by this.

9. ‘The Lion King’ being remade into a live action film? No thanks. Who thought we wanted that?

10. A win for the pangolins of the world.

11. More evolution news: research shows that humans are predisposed to kill each other and they’ve estimated that “around 2% of human deaths at the origin of our species were down to such lethal spats.” This is probably the most interesting article I read this week – I highly recommend it.

12. And now, this:


    • Well, it’s being talked about as “live action”, but it’s basically getting the same treatment as the remake of The Jungle Book that came out this year. So I don’t know if that really counts as live action? Just really high-tech CGI.

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  1. Haha wow the Bachelorette looks….awful. But that was a funny parody. So many interesting things in this post! Yay for the Pangolins! And how did I not know how the dust storm in Sydney? Those pictures are amazing 😍 And don’t even get me started on how excited I am for fantastic beasts!


    • I was always of the opinion that those Bachelorette/Bachelor shows were awful, but once you get into it, it doesn’t let you go. I much prefer the Bachelorette though as the guys are so much better to watch; they get a bit bitchy, but they’re nowhere near as bad as the girls. It’s funnier than anything else.

      Yeah the dust storm was a pretty big deal. I was still living in Sydney at the time and remembered waking up that morning with an orange glow showing around the edges of my blinds. I thought there was a fire or something, but it was just the dust in front of the sun. Scary.

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  2. Sarah's Book Shelves says

    I didn’t know Australia had its own version of The Bach – that’s awesome! Will watch your clip as I’m an avid fan of the American version.

    And Lion King as live action? With real animals?!! My son would love that…but how do they actually put it together?


    • Well, all the reports are calling it live action, but really it’s just getting the same treatment as The Jungle Book remake from earlier this year, which I believe was just excellent CGI. So I guess calling it “live action” is a bit misleading, but I think it will be cool nonetheless.

      Yes we’ve just had season four of The Bachelor, and this is the second season of The Bachelorette. And there’s been SO MUCH controversy. For example, the day after the finale of S2 of The Bach, all the media engagements for the “happy” couple were cancelled. It turned out he dumped the girl he picked and had been seeing the girl who finished third!!! It was so dramatic. But then the girl who was dumped was the first Bachelorette and she found the most wonderful guy – much better than the guy she could have been stuck with. It was like a fairytale or something.


  3. dreamingthroughliterature says

    I just bought some new bookshelves this week and had a total blast organizing my bookshelves by genre!


      • dreamingthroughliterature says

        Mine was by author too before the switch, and it almost pained me to organize differently, but I’m kind of in love now. It’s definitely taking some getting used to, though! 😛


  4. Fantastic Beasts looks amazing, doesn’t it? Cannot WAIT.

    Our Bachelor franchise season just ended for the ?year?season? so we’re in a little dark period with no Bachelor properties at all. I think we start up again come January or so. Sigh.


    • I’m so excited for Fantastic Beasts – thank goodness the wait is nearly over. I think Eddie Redmayne is going to be excellent in it.

      I’ll try and post Bachelorette updates so you can live vicariously through me 🙂


  5. 4. I said I wasn’t going to watch after the last boring season of Ritchie but…. Lee, the donkey guy? Love Lee. And love pasta-bracelet guy. And Hot Fireman Guy.
    6. Do you have the cloud-spotter app? If not, you NEED it in your life (I’m obsessed and would/have consider travelling to FNQ for the roll cloud).


    • Yes – Richie’s season was sooooo vanilla. I hate to admit it, but I stopped watching it not long after Keira left. It was pretty obvious who was going to win (someone blonde) and while I’m sure Richie’s a nice guy, he’s not exactly exciting. He’d never bring a donkey to a party, for example.
      I too love Lee. And Courtney. And Cameron. Clancy’s ok too, but the whole jumping in the pool thing painted him as a bit desperate. What are your thoughts on Rhys? I feel like he’d actually be really nice in real life; all the guys who’ve left have said he’s a great guy. I think he’s a victim of editing. But I wish he’d sort his hair out.

      I have never heard of this cloud spotter app, but it sounds like something I need. I just had a look in the app store – is it the one called CloudSpotter?

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