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The round up // September 2016

IT’S OCTOBER. That’s all I’ll say about how fast the year is going.

September was kind of a blur. I spent the first two weeks of the month on leave and I think not paying attention to the date for those two weeks made the month go by that much quicker. But it was still a reasonably productive month. I got the internet situation sorted in my new house, had some furniture delivered, got my little garden sorted, caught up on a bunch of NetGalley reviews, and just generally had a nice time.

Some reading things from September:

  • local-girl-missingI had an ok reading month. My favourite read was definitely Heather Rose’s debut novel The Museum of Modern Love (my review).
  • I read the first two books of my Bookabuy subscription (last month’s book and this month’s). The first, In the Month of the Midnight Sun, had loads of promise but it didn’t really deliver (my review). The second was a new thriller by Claire Douglas called Local Girl Missing and IT WAS SO GOOD. I practically read it in a day. I can highly recommend it if thrillers are your thing.
  • I also made my first foray into the world of manga and read the first volume of Death Note. It was excellent. I will be reading more.

japanesemapleI also got a new bonsai. This is the second one I’ve bought this year (the first one all the way back in April AND IT’S STILL ALIVE) and it’s just the most beautiful little thing. It’s as Japanese Maple so if I can keep it going until autumn I might get to see it looking like this.

I don’t have any big plans for October aside from spending the first weekend of it eating and watching tv (the grand finals of two of Australia’s major football codes fall are both on this weekend which is basically amazing). It’s a long weekend as well so go Australia. For the rest of the month I have zero plans. I’m sure it’ll be great.

Did you read anything good in September? Any big plans for October?


  1. New bonsai, that’s exciting! Well, yay for you for sure. I have the blackest of thumbs and can’t keep any damn thing alive — I suspect the only reason my Christmas cactus has survived this long is because my plant-loving neighbor has been doing things to it on the sly.

    I don’t have any specific reading plans for October, but I’m hoping to do plenty of reading outdoors. The weather this week has been unexpectedly nice, and I’m hoping that it heralds some legit cool temperatures. I am so ready to bust out my good jackets!


    • I usually have the blackest of thumbs also, but lately I’ve been managing to keep things alive. This has mostly consisted of geraniums, and I suspect that’s because they’re plants that need very little watering. I’m really bad at remembering to water plants, so that’s how I usually kill them, but my flowers are flourishing at the moment, so I’m having a go at something that takes a bit more care and hoping for the best!
      Cactus’ don’t need a lot of care either – maybe that’s why it’s still going?

      I’m so jealous that you’re getting cooler weather. It’s been coolish here lately, but it’s gradually warming up and I hate it.


  2. Be sure to post a pic of your maple in Autumn.

    My reading has been ‘extreme’ this month – some great books and some shockers. But today, it’s all about the AFL Grand Final!


    • Well let’s hope that I can keep it alive until then – that’s a long way away, and they need lots of watering. Every day in summer, sometimes twice a day! And I’m terrible at watering; it’s the main reason I kill everything.

      I’m guessing you were happy with the AFL premiers? I’m a Swans fan (when I watch – league is more my thing), so naturally I was a bit disappointed, but the Dogs deserved to win. It was such an excellent game.

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    • I used to kill things, but I’ve got a few geranium plants I’ve managed to keep alive for a while so I thought I’d branch out (no pun intended) to things that need a bit more care. Honestly I’m not very confident, bit I’m really keen to keep it alive at least to autumn so I can see the foliage change colour.

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