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Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts // 7 October, 2016

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1. Luke Cage. Such a great show. And there’s a bad guy who’s also a cool guy which means I love him and feel incredibly conflicted about it.

2. According to a horrible person mentioned in this article, women can’t write about science properly and literary prizes are moving towards being too “female-friendly”. What a jerk.

3. My favourite thing from the internet this week:

4. I read this interesting article about translating literature that gave me some things to think about for my own translation project (which, if you were wondering, hasn’t moved very far as yet).

5. Megalolamna paradoxodon: we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

6. A new Ice Age? Will there be sloths? (Note: that link will not take you to news about a new installment in the delightful film franchise.)

7. I discovered a new bookshop last weekend called Book Face. It’s at the shopping centre near my mum’s house and not the most conveniently placed to my own home, so I don’t get there often. As a result I had no idea that this magical new shop had been open for a couple of months. Also my mum purposely didn’t tell me as she knew I’d spend money in there. She’s a bad parent, but she was right.

8. And if you missed the new Bruno Mars single that graced us with its presence yesterday, here it is:


  1. Hahahha, I am astonished your mum didn’t tell you about the new bookstore. If my mum discovered a new bookstore she’d probably send me like four text messages and then a bitmoji of herself buying books, JUST TO MAKE SURE I was fully hip to the new bookstore situation. :p


    • It’s probably the one lowlight in our mother/daughter relationship. But she did have the best interests of my bank account at heart, so I’ve forgiven her.
      Your mum sounds amazing – she is clearly a very good parent.


  2. I finished Jessica Jones last week (FINALLY!) so Luke Cage is next on my list. I’m so excited about it, so I’m always pleased when someone confirms it’s awesome 😀


  3. I just discovered/started Luke Cage yesterday and am really enjoying it so far (except they have the chessboard set up wrong in several of the barber shop scenes) 🙂


    • I’ve never read the comic, so little things like the chessboard are completely lost on me. But I loved the show anyway!


  4. I think I may actually have nightmares about that slowed down version of spongebob, *shudders*

    I love that you went and bought books from that shop after finding out about it 😂 It is pretty great receiving books in paper bags! (I’m totally not looking up that bookstore now, what). I’m also going to have nightmares about the fact that our planet doesn’t seem to want to keep working. OH, and more nightmares about giagantic sharks. Gurl, what are you doing to me.

    Also omg I just read your post about translating and GOOD LUCK TO YOU, SIR! I think you’re incredibly brave trying that – I study Italian and struggle to just get through reading my Italian books, I’m not sure I could handle actually translating them (because then I can read jusr ignore and guess at the bits I don’t get).


    • Hahaha. Spongebob nightmares. I’m sorry.
      Well, I had to commemorate the occasion of finding a new bookstore. You can’t just walk into a new place of books and leave empty handed.
      It looks to be a super small chain at the moment – I’d never heard of it until I was in it. They had really awesome gifts and homewares in there too. I mean, I feel like that shelf space could have been put to better use by having more books to sell, but it’s also pretty business savvy to have things in there that might interest the non-book person you’ve dragged into the shop with you.
      I made such a big deal about my translation project and I’ve only translated exactly one page. I don’t feel guilty about it, but it was also something I was excited about so I’m kind of annoyed at myself. And I’ve decided to enrol in the last study period of uni after all (it starts in December) so I’ll have even less time to do translating. But the book isn’t going anywhere I guess, the whole thing will just take longer than planned.

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