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Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon // October 2016


This’ll be the first time I’m participating in Dewey’s. The last couple I’ve had something on so I haven’t been able to participate. BUT I’M GOING TO DO IT THIS TIME. What is Dewey’s? You can check out all the details on the official website (you should sign up while you’re there), but basically it’s, wait for it, a 24 hour readathon. Whuuuut?

Yes. For 24 hours you just. have. to. read. (and snack.) Thrilling, right? This one has an official start and finish time so everyone reads together. SOOOO if you’re in Australia, please come read with me! It starts at 11pm Saturday night Sydney time, so it’ll be a slightly earlier starts for those of you in Brisbane and the westerly states. I’ll be having midnight mac & cheese which I’m really excited about.

Here’s a picture of my potential reading stack:


I’ve got a few books on the go at the moment so I’d like to make a dent in those – War & Peace in particular – but I might dip in and out of some newbies as well. I’ve got a bunch of comics for when I want some lighter reading, as well as an audiobook to listen to while doing some crafting (I have a baby blanket that needs to be finished by next weekend, so this seems like a good time to work on it). So I’ll pretty much just be dipping in and out of books at my leisure, rather than aiming for any particular goals. It’s going to be super relaxed and excellent.

I might not be updating much on here – I’ll probably just do a big wrap up post at the end – but I’ll be on many of the other social medias if anyone’s joining in on those. Here’s where I’ll be:

  • Twitter (quite a bit)
  • Instagram (a little bit)
  • And my new favourite place, LITSY (a lot)!! I can’t link to my profile for this, but if you want to be friends on there, just leave your username below, or search for me – I’m @heather_reads on there.

So if you’re not doing anything this weekend, or you are doing something but don’t really want to do it, come and join a bunch of other readers for the Readathon. Here’s a direct link for the sign ups for your convenience.


  1. Good luck! War and Peace?! Impressive. I’ve heard it has 365 chapters which makes me want to make it a project some year to read one chapter a day… 🙂 Enjoy the midnight mac-n-cheese – that sounds like a winner.


    • I’ve got no idea how many chapters it has. It’s broken up into parts and volumes and starts from chapter one at all those breaks. I’m already on page 800 and something, so I’m not going to be focussing on it, I just want to read a few more pages in it so that I can finish it by the end of the year.

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    • It’s not going to be a huge focus. I just want to chip away at a few more pages so that I can have it finished by the end of the year.
      Are you doing Readathon?


  2. Good luck with the readathon! I work on Saturdays and since the start time in my time zone is 1pm, I can’t take part (well, I could if I fudged the times, but that seems wrong somehow). But I’ve just added you on Litsy so I’ll at least see someone taking part 😉


  3. Firstly yay!
    Last readathon there was one other Aussie I was in twitter/instagram contact with, but it felt a little lonely during the afternoon as many of the Northern Hemisphere folk went to bed for a while!
    Secondly, I don’t mean to stalk you, but I’m now following you everywhere so we be our own Aussie cheersquad team!

    I will hopefully have my readathon post ready for the weekend, like you I’ll be aiming to work my way through my current reads rather than going for quantity.

    Good luck

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    • Hahaha. Not stalking at all – us Aussies have to stick together.
      I must admit that I don’t spend loads of time socialising during readathons – I really just want to read. But I’m going to try and be more social this time around. But I get what you mean about it being lonely – right when you do want to chat to someone, there’s no one there! So it’ll be nice to know that someone WILL be there this time 🙂
      Happy reading!


      • I’ll probably put together a stack of books in the next few days. My strategy of reading short books last time worked really well, because it made me feel like I was accomplishing things and kept me motivated. I ended up reading like six books! I’ll probably try to read a few comics I’ve been meaning to get to.


        • I’m so behind on comics. I’ve got some subscriptions finishing up soon, so I have to read the ones I’ve got to see if I want to renew or not.

          I like your strategy of reading shorter books – it definitely helps with eating into the build up of unread books!

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  4. Again, a weekend of stuff that excludes me from solid blocks of reading 😦 Have fun and I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines.


  5. Hello from the other side of the world! I’ll be starting my morning with coffee and a book while you’re digging into midnight mac and cheese (a delicious way to start! Maybe that’s what I’ll have for breakfast on Saturday. Yum.) Enjoy your bookish night and day.


    • Hi there! I think I’d rather start in a similar fashion to you, but mac and cheese at midnight isn’t completely awful I guess 🙂 Happy reading to you!


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