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From My Holiday – Searching for Quasimodo

On my very last morning in Paris, I woke up feeling sad that I had to leave but happy that in a few short hours I’d be on the Eurostar to London. But before I left I had one more VERY important thing to do – visit Notre Dame Cathedral. So after a hurried breakfast I made my way down to the Seine and over to the Cathedral. If you’re ever in Paris I can highly recommend staying at the Hotel Abbatial in Saint-Germain – the Seine is roughly a 5 minute walk and all of the other major attractions are no more than a 45 minute walk away. And in my opinion, walking really is the best way to see the city. Although I visited Notre Dame on my last trip to Paris, I really wanted to go again as it’s so magnificent. It’s probably one of my most favourite places I’ve ever been to. Last time I was there I lined up at the entrance with all the other tourists, had a walk through and then …

My Holiday In Watercolour

I’m still not quite ready to let go of my holiday yet, so I want to do one more post about it. Just one. I promise. I recently discovered this cool app called Waterlogue. I have it on my iPhone and iPad (not sure if it’s available on Android) and it gives photos a very realistic and very beautiful watercolour look. I bought a couple of watercolour paintings in Florence and I just love them, so I wanted to see what the rest of my holiday would look like if I had bought watercolours everywhere else. So here are my favourite photos from my holiday, in watercolour. I’m so artistic!

Paris! Part One

After a super early start to the day, we left our last hotel in Rome and made our way to Rome airport. As we were only going to be in Paris for a couple of days and had to come back to Rome to get our flight back to Sydney (long story), we decided to just take a little carry on bag each and leave our suitcases at the luggage storage. Honestly the best decision I have ever made. It was so convenient not having to worry about our luggage when we landed in Paris and we could instead just focus on trying to get into Paris from the airport. My friend Nat lives in Paris (lucky girl) and she said it was easiest for us to take the train from the airport. So after carefully studying which station was closest to our hotel and working out how to buy a ticket, we hopped on a train and we were standing on Boulevard Saint Germain within the hour. We managed to find our way to …