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The round up // June 2016

I swear June just started yesterday and now it’s already basically over and I don’t even know where the year has gone. A bunch of crap happened in June:

  • The disaster that was moving house. A torrential downpour decided to happen on the weekend I was supposed to move – it went for the entire weekend and, naturally, my suburb got the most rain in my area. Because of course it did. It made moving impossible so we had to ask the real estate if we could move the following weekend. There was a whole thing where the real estate were jerks, but in the end we were allowed to stay for a few days past the end of our lease. Basically every single thing with the move went wrong, but I’m mostly settled in now and procrastinating on completing the shitty unpacking process.
  • One bonus is that my new house is a 25 minute walk from the train station (instead of the five minutes from my old house). I’ve made a deal with myself to walk to the station every morning unless it’s raining rather than catching the bus and I’ve stuck to it. I walked home for the first couple of nights, but it’s winter here and dark at that time, which means it’s a bit scary so I catch the bus home, but in summer I’ll be walking for sure.
  • I now live alone. So far my favourite part of living alone is that every unusual sound is someone trying to break in to my house to maybe kill me in my sleep. It’s been fun.
  • My birthday came and went. I’m 31 now and boy do I feel it. Aging is difficult.
  • I got my ‘Auto-approved’ badge on NetGalley. This means I’ve been auto-approved (der) by at least four publishers, so I don’t have to press request and wait for them to approve/deny book requests now – I’ll get the book right away. I’m very proud of this.

The only plus from the month was getting some new bookcases and unpacking all my books, some of which have been packed up in boxes for years and years and years. I had a fun time alphabetising my books by author (then year of publication if there were multiple books by an author). Here’s a picture (the ones with purple or yellow post-it flags are my unread ones) (there are a lot) (I ran out of purple flags so had to use yellow, I had just enough of those to finish):


I read some good books in June. They were solid, but not ones that I’m likely to recall in years to come. Some reading highlights from June:

  • BeforetheFallIGA Robot in the Garden by Deborah Install. I can 100% guarantee that some would call this book cheesy. But I’ll be damned if we don’t all need a cheesy book in our life sometimes. I really liked this – it was sweet on the surface of it, but underneath it asks some big questions about artificial intelligence and how we should define being alive.
  • Before the Fall by Noah Hawley. This guy can write. The book wasn’t perfect by any means, but he knows how to string together a good sentence. [My review]

I also read The Fireman by Joe Hill (just like everyone else did/is planning to do), Magruder’s Curiosity Cabinet by H.P. Wood (like The Night Circus plus fleas, minus the magic), and Should You Judge This Book by Its Cover?: 100 Fresh Takes on Familiar Sayings and Quotations by Julian Baggini (I talked about it briefly here). All good books, all four stars, but nothing mind blowing.

July will be over in like, two days (such is the apparent speed/blurring of time) so I don’t have too much planned. Aside from some further unpacking procrastination, the only other thing I have planned is participating in the next 24 in 48 readathon, which is happening over the weekend of the 23rd/24th July. You can sign up for it here. It’ll be lots of fun and a good excuse for staying in and reading aaaaaaalllll weekend.

Did you read anything good in June? Any big plans for July?


    • I’m glad it’s over too – there are still a few things that need doing, but at least the actual moving itself is done.
      I hope you have a great July!

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  1. Congrats on finally living alone! It’s probably one of the best parts of adulting… minus the constant paranoia that someone is coming to kill you at all times. But congrats on that 🙂 and on your birthday!!


    • I give it two months max before I just shove something in wherever it fits because I can’t be bothered to reshuffle things.


  2. Moving is possibily the worst, but enjoy your new house and all the fun of living alone. Love your bookshelves, and I didn’t notice a single post it note on your books 😉 Also.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  3. I hate, hate, hate moving. So unsettling. But a long walk to the station is brilliant – are you using the time for audiobooks?

    Post-its on unread books is genius. I’m going to do that to mine in about five minutes.


    • I’m not going to lie – I stole the post-it flag thing from someone on Instagram (but I can’t find the post now). So credit really must go to the mysterious Instagrammer.
      I haven’t been listening to Audiobooks on my morning walk, although it would be the smart thing to do. I did listen to one yesterday morning though and it was nice having that voice in my ear while I walked so I’ll probably try to do it more often. I’ve got a 12 hour audiobook sitting around waiting for me, so my walk would probably be a good way to chip away at that one.
      If you have any audiobook recommendations I’d love some – I haven’t listened to many (that aren’t full cast productions of Shakespeare plays) so I have no idea what to listen to.

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      • I’m very, very new to audiobooks (have only listened to a few) but I’ve been getting mine via Borrowbox which is the loaning system at my local library. I have been choosing light books, given that my attention can wander when listening but the best ones so far have been The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert and The Children Act by Ian McEwan – both had excellent narrators.


        • Thanks – I’ll check those out. I wanted to read The Children Act, but saw some mixed reviews on it so didn’t bother in the end. Maybe audio would be a good option for this one.

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        • It’s a short book (and the audio was only about 6 hours) – I enjoyed it and perhaps partly because the narrator’s voice was perfect.


  4. Emma The Book Lover says

    Ahhh that sounds like a struggle, but your shelves look gorgeous !!!


  5. Your new shelves look great! A definite highlight to your month.
    And, I don’t know if this will make you feel any better or not, but I would feel the same way about all the noises if I lived alone. A cat helps. Then, any noise you hear can be blamed on the cat. It actually worked for me.
    It’s encouraging to hear you liked Robot in the Garden. I read the first few chapters a while ago, then put it down and didn’t feel the need to pick it back up. Maybe now I will!


    • I thought A Robot in the Garden would get annoying and I can see why you put it down. But it really surprised me – the main (human) character changed a lot over the novel and I really liked the person he became. It was a bit corny really, but it was an uplifting book because of that. It just left me feeling really happy.
      I have four little birds who make all sorts of noises, so I like to blame them, but there’s only so many noises I can blame them for. I wish I could have a cat so I could spread the blame!


  6. You’ve had quite the month! I’m glad you made it to your new place, despite the snags.

    I must say I am wildly envious of your current shelf situation. Once I end up somewhere for a decent amount of time (read: more than 2 or 3 years at a time), getting my shelves and reading nook set up is going to take top priority.

    Congrats on your auto-approval badge (SO cool) and on successfully making it through another year of life!


    • Thanks, Shaina!

      It really is excellent to have all my books out. I was at my last house for about five years, but there was never the space to have bookshelves. I have no idea how long I’ll be at this house for, but I figure my books can either get shelved or sit in books for another five years. Looking at shelves is much more delightful.


  7. You poor thing! Like moving isn’t shitty enough already without adding everything going wrong into the mix. I’m glad it’s over, and I hope you’re settling in really nicely to the new place. And Happy Birthday!!


    • Thanks, Jenny!
      I’m mostly settled, but there are still lots of boxes to be unpacked that a largely filled with things I don’t need. I’m considering just emptying them into bins – quick and easy!


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